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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Bit of a Vanity Project . . .

In the mid-1980s I put together this 90-minute cassette of, as it says SF & Fantasy Themes.  I still have the cassette.  But I pared away the most crummy stuff to make it fit on a CD.

Yes, in the 1980s there was no instant access via the Internet, children.  If you found a movie on TV that you liked, you could tape it on your box-fan-sized VCR and then dub it to your cassette player.  Back then, though, there was one advantage in that the PAUSE buttons on a tape deck made a physical pause; "nowadays" the machines pull the tape heads away from the tape, making a seamless dub impossible.

I used a dot-matrix font because I ran off my original tape inserts on my Commodore 64.

Here are the tracks:
1 Star Wars Suite 12:14
2 Star Trek TV Edit 01:32
3 Twilight Zone the Movie 05:44
4 Star Trek the Motion Picture 03:16
5 The Prisoner 04:06
6 Dr Who 01:13
7 The Wild, Wild West 00:50
8 The Martian Chronicles 01:54
9 Tales of the Gold Monkey 01:17
10 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 01:10
11 Star Trek II and III Suite 15:48
12 Scarecrow & Mrs King 01:12
13 Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. 01:09
14 Battlestar Galactica 03:12
15 The Greatest American Hero 01:31
16 The Day the Earth Stood Still 01:43
17 ET The Extraterrestrial 03:47

On the STAR TREK TV theme, there is a regrettable bit of the old swooshing distortion, and there is buzz on other tracks ... but if you're "of a certain age" you might like hearing the themes from Gold Monkey or Scarecrow & Mrs King one more time.

Here is the link:

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