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Monday, October 27, 2014

Robbie the Werewolf

Some fun, original songs from a 1960s set by a guy not afraid to let his fuzzy flag fly!

To quote somebody,

 Robbie had started off playing the bohemian coffee house scene of the late 50s and it was in this environment that he perfected his unique act, a combination of horror and comedy in a musical setting. Listening to the risque humour of his repertoire it is apparent that it was quite 'risque' for the times. Here we present two of his songs from the Live at the Waleback album. With nary a wolf howl in earshot, Robbie gives his best Bela Lugosi impersonation on both "Vampire Man" and "Count Dracula," although on other tracks he introduces the Rockin' Werewolf and invites us to Tip Toe Through the Wolfbane. Undoubtedly an incredibly weird record of the highest calibre. The sleeve notes contain a knowing quote from Robbie: "I'm a lousy guitarist but I have a hell of a lot of fun."

1       Vampire Man
2       Drums and Guns
3       My Little Brother
4       Frankie Stein
5       That Judge
6       Censored Man
7       Count Dracula
8       Lucifer
9       Streets of Transylvania
10     Rockin' Werewolf
11      Inside Story of Flamenco
12     Tip-toe Through the Wolfbane
13     Censored Dooley


Or try this alternate link. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

You Can't Outrun Dracula's Deuce!

From a review for this 1964 Capitol Records album:

"The Ghouls was a Capitol Records in-band-name-only project of producer/songwriter Gary Usher (sometime co-writer with Brian Wilson in the early 60's) featuring Richard Polodor on guitar and Rick Burns on vocals. Rick Burns sings (or talk-sings in a style not too dissimilar to "Monster Mash") faux early Beach Boys songs like "Be True To Your Ghoul" and "Dracula's Deuce" which establishes the mid-60's campy horror theme of the album. These tracks do their job just fine in creating a silly throwaway novelty theme."

It's fun, even though the lead singer sounds a little TOO passionate in some of his groaning.

1. Dracula’s Deuce
2. Dracula’s Theme
3. Little Old Lady from Transylvania
4. Weird Wolf
5. Be True to Your Ghoul
6. Shake, Rattle and Rot
7. Monsterbilly Heaven
8. Blood and Butter
9. The Graveyard Shift
10. Voo Doo Juice
11. Bela Be Good
12. Coffin Nails

  It's not a long set, but it's a FUN set.

He'll race anyone for a pint of juice!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Musical Munsters - Imagine Playing Under a Rubber Mask!

Yes, it's the newest teen-age singing group!  Inspired by The Munsters!

That's right, the surprisingly funny, peppy, and genre-savvy tunes on this 1964 record were "inspired" by some marketing type to cash in on the TV show!  Cross-marketing at its finest -- that's the American way!

This Discogs page  gives somebody's uploaded images of the LP.  Here is a mention of this Pre-Fab Four (long before The Rutles) that I found in archives for Billboard magazine:

The CD art I've put together contains another period photo of the group "performing" in their outfits, including Ben Cooper full-head masks.

Here is the wild-n-crazy performance set:

1)  Munster Creep
2)  Frankenstein Had a Hot Rod Car
3)  $1.98 King-Size Voodoo Kit
4)  Vampire Vamp
5)  Hermans Place
6)  (Here Comes the) Munster Koach
7)  TV Monster Show
8)  Eerie Beach
9)  Make It Go Away
10)  You Created a Monster
11)  Ride the Midnight Special
12)  Down in the Basement

I think you'll agree that a half hour spent with this set is as much fun as you ever had watching the show!  I especially like "TV Monster Show."

Somebody tell me if this older link works.

See you Thursday!  


Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Unknown Halloween

I call it that because all I have is the CD, which is anonymous:

It's one 55 minute track of continuous sound effects, comprising:

thunder - bats - crunching bones -
night creatures - growls - screams -
barks - howls - creaks - clanks - cries

So, enter if you dare!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Halloween Tree - John Debney

This is a great little 1993 movie, with a wonderfully atmospheric score by John Debney.

01)  Main Titles
02)  Our Costumes
03)  Pip's House
04)  The Note / The Ravine
05)  The Funeral March / Stairs
06)  The Marley Knocker
07)  Meeting Moundshroud
08)  Pip and the Tree
09)  Where is Pip?
10)  The Barn Poster Kite
11)   Landing in Egypt
12)  Feast of the Spirits
13)  Through the Streets
14)  The Tomb Chase
15)  Mummies
16)  Pip's Casket
17)  Funeral Procession
18)  Leaving Egypt
19)  Medieval Festival / New Years'
20)  Stonehenge
21)  Broomsticks
22)  Witches Hideout
23)  "What's a Witch?"
24)  Witches Chant
25)  Burnings and Flight
26)  The Construction Yard
27)  Sanctuary
28)  The Cathedral
29)  The Whistle / Gargoyles
30)  Gargoyle Chase pt.  1
31)  Gargoyle Chase pt.  2
32)  Next Stop, Mexico!
33)  Candle-lit Graves
34)  Gargoyles Dissipate
35)  Sugar Candy Skulls / Piñata
36)  The Catacombs / Pip Trapped
37)  The Trade
38)  Coming Back
39)  Pip's Alive! / Moundshroud's Pumpkin
40)  End Titles

Music so nice, we linked it Twice!



See you Thursday....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

CD Creepies

Direct from a Halloween slush pile to you!

1)  Contata and Fugue     
2)  Frenzy #1
3)  Torment  
4)  Psycho
5)  Private Lab  
6)  The Unexpected
7)  Night on Bald Mountain
8)  Angel of Death
9)  The Devil Rides    
10)  Lucifer's Choir
11)  Troubled Voices
12)  Sinister Street
13)  Spinecharge
14)  Omen
15)  Marked Man
16)  Sleeper Awaits
  time 33:25

17)  Thunder and Rain
18)  Bats Flying in Cave
19)  Electric Lab
20)  Mad Man Laugh
21)  Witch's Laugh
22)  Church Bell Toll
23)  Wolf Howl
24)  Owl Hoot
25)  Beast Roar
26)  Heart Speeds Up
27)  Creaky Door
28)  Rattling Chains
29)  Monster Scream
30)  Laboratory Chemicals
31)  Crazy Machine
32)  Barking Blood Hounds
33)  Attack Dog Fight
34)  Squeaking Rats
35)  Eerie Wind
36)  Terrified Crowd
37)  Woman Ghost (Sad)
38)  Poltergeist (Happy)
39)  Cat Meow
40)  Horrified Woman
41)  Horrified Man
42)  Water Drip In Cave
43)  Hounds Of Hell
44)  Castle Footsteps
45)  Haunted House Creak
46)  Kookaburra Bird Laugh
  time 19:07

47)  Monster Story
  time 11:33

total time 1:04:05

See you Monday!