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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Halloween Tree - John Debney

This is a great little 1993 movie, with a wonderfully atmospheric score by John Debney.

01)  Main Titles
02)  Our Costumes
03)  Pip's House
04)  The Note / The Ravine
05)  The Funeral March / Stairs
06)  The Marley Knocker
07)  Meeting Moundshroud
08)  Pip and the Tree
09)  Where is Pip?
10)  The Barn Poster Kite
11)   Landing in Egypt
12)  Feast of the Spirits
13)  Through the Streets
14)  The Tomb Chase
15)  Mummies
16)  Pip's Casket
17)  Funeral Procession
18)  Leaving Egypt
19)  Medieval Festival / New Years'
20)  Stonehenge
21)  Broomsticks
22)  Witches Hideout
23)  "What's a Witch?"
24)  Witches Chant
25)  Burnings and Flight
26)  The Construction Yard
27)  Sanctuary
28)  The Cathedral
29)  The Whistle / Gargoyles
30)  Gargoyle Chase pt.  1
31)  Gargoyle Chase pt.  2
32)  Next Stop, Mexico!
33)  Candle-lit Graves
34)  Gargoyles Dissipate
35)  Sugar Candy Skulls / Piñata
36)  The Catacombs / Pip Trapped
37)  The Trade
38)  Coming Back
39)  Pip's Alive! / Moundshroud's Pumpkin
40)  End Titles

Music so nice, we linked it Twice!



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  1. Any chance of a re-up? I'd love to have this in my collection and I cannot find it anywhere. Please and thank you!!

  2. Silly Tom! I just posted this a few days before your comment, on Halloween 2015!