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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Beruhmte Ouverturen" Sounds So Classy

It means "Famous Overtures."  And they are!

1) William Tell Overture - Rossini

2) The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture - Nicolai

3) Tannhauser Overture - Wagner

4) The Bat Overture - Strauss Jr

(number 4 is better known, untranslated, as "Die Fledermaus.")

Here is the link:

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gipsy Band

Erno Kalli Kiss Jr is a big name in Gypsy Music, as far as I can tell.  This is another thrift store cassette treasure.  My heart always starts beating a little louder when I see a label and can't read it!  This means that adventure may await!

These are medleys of "Gipsy" tunes, I guess traditional Hungarian stuff.  What struck me, on listening, is that many of these selections sound to me like five-minute-long introductions that never "kick off" into an actual theme or melody!  It's kind of like a piano accompanist playing those glissando "vamps" but never getting around to the song.

Still, very interesting.  The track listings below are my transcriptions of the verr-rr-rry interesting titles from the cassette liner.  It seems to lose a lot without all the phonetic typesetting curlicues.  But you can see those on the CD insert back, where I've included the cassette label insert.

The Young Master Primas - Asztali Zene Es Czardasok


Artist: Erno Kallai Kiss jun. and His Gipsy Band

“Asztali Muzsika”

01 - Levelem, levelem - Mit keres a temetoben - De szeretnek en a regi kis falumba visszaterni

02 - Ne szidjadok soha engem - Kiballagok a vasuthoz - Azt mondjak a mennyorszagben

03- Ugye most mar tifeletek

04 - Leveles az erdo


05 - Lakodalom van a mi utcankban - Jon a tavasz, jon mar - Felrevagom a kalapom - Zold ablakos kicsi haz - Szeretem a cseresznyet - Koncert friss

06 - Hideg szel fuj, edesanyam - Hazam ereszere raszallott - Mikor kezdtem a ladamat pakolni - Orszaguton hosszu a jegenyesor - Koncert friss

07 - Ez a kislany most kezd nekem - Csak ugy mondom maganak - Libamaj, kacsamaj - Lore, lore - Hallod-e notas, futtyos kismadar

08 - Oreg czardas - Buzavirag, buzavirag - Paros elet a legszebb - Gyere velem kiskertembe

Here is the link:

See you next time!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Makes Me Mellow

I couldn't help but think of the Elton John song when posting this CD.

When we first entered the CD age at our house, this was porbably number nine or ten in our collection.  Nowadays it's out-of-print.

For me this rates about a SIX on the ten-point nostalgia scale.  Here are the tracks:

Mellow Sixties (37:43)

01. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (3:09)
02. The Hollies - Carrie Ann (2:58)
03. Stone Poneys - A Different Drum (2:38)
04. The Lovin' Spoonful - Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind (2:00)
05. Association - Never My Love (3:12)
06. Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends (4:41)
07. The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin' (2:41)
08. The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning (2:35)
09. Oliver - Good Morning, Starshine (3:38)
10. The Turtles - She'd Rather Be With Me (2:17)
11. Arlo Guthrie - Coming Into Los Angeles (3:07)
12. The Fifth Dimension - Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) (4:48)

And here is the link:

See you next Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MA-26 - Break -Ins from Beyond

Along with the rising of mass media and a united pop culture in the twentieth century came a realization that folks might have shared the same experience as you, even if they hadn’t been WITH YOU.  In other words, two people might have seen the same silent movie, even though they lived in far-apart towns.  Hence,  “So’s your old man!” came to mean, “Shut up” or “I disagree with you,” by common reference to the WC Fields 1926 silent movie of the same title.

Similarly, Veronica Lake’s hair-over-one-eye look may have been sultry and attractive, even when emulated by thousands of women in the 1940s, but it also was dangerous when those same women were working in war plants during WWII and got their loose, sultry tresses caught in machinery, leading to injury and death.  Here’s a Youtube video concerning this:

When recorded music reached this same plateau (or valley, take your pick), then folks could start referring to hit records with the assurance that the listener would understand the reference.  That’s the whole idea behind sound-alike “cover” versions of pop tunes.  If the imitation sounded enough like the original, then the cover version could score some sales, riding on the coattails of the original hit record.

Then came along people with twisted senses of humor, like me.  They realized that this same familiarity with hit records meant that various catch-phrases could be cut out from the recording and reassembled, much like a newspaper-ad ransom note.

And thus the “break-in” record was born.  Ordinarily, such an assemblage would have the format of a narrator or an interview giving a leading statement that could then be “replied to” by a one-or-two-second segment from a song that was current enough that the hoped-for listener would recognize the clip, and get the joke – meanwhile marveling at the assembler’s creativeness, and eventually buying the break-in record.

Here’s my own assemblage of a bunch of these, as they relate to outer space and little green men, and the like.  Not all are break-ins, there are some more straight songs.

Here are the tracks:
1 -        Marty on the Planet Mars Part 1         Martty 1954
2 -        Marty on the Planet Mars Part 2         Martty 1954
3 -        Santa and the Satellite Part 1  Buchanan and Goodman        1957
4 -        Santa and the Satellite Part 2  Buchanan and Goodman        1957
5 -        Destination Love        Jan Davis         1958
6 -        The Outer Space Looters Part 1          The Mad Martians       1958
7 -        The Outer Space Looters Part 2          The Mad Martians       1958
8 -        Flying Saucer The 3rd Buchanan and Goodman        1959
9 -        Blast Off!        Jimmie Haskell and His Orchestra      1959
10 -      Comic Strip Rock N Roll        Robert Ashley 1959
11 -      Space Ship      Dickie Goodman         1960
12 -      Santa and the Touchables       Dickie Goodman         1961
13 -      Moon Gas       Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo 1963
14 -      The Flying Saucer       Chickenman      1966
15 -      Luna Trip        Dickie Goodman         1969
16 -      London, London         Ceatano Veloso           1971
17 -      Spaceship        Spontaneous Combustion         1973
18 -      Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft     Klaatu 1976
19 -      Hey ET            Dicklie Goodman        1982
20 -      The Martian Boogie    Brownsville Station    1977
21 -      The Ballad of William Robinson        Bill Mumy       1997
22 -      Return of the Flying Saucer    Jon Goodman  1997
23 -      I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship          David Bowie      2002
24 -      UFO    Darryl Rhoades           2005
25 -      le flying saucer hat      Chairlift           2008
26 -      Flying Saucers Breakfast in Fur          2009

And here is the link:

As John Landis likes to say, SEE YOU NEXT WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Farewell to a King-Sized Sweetheart

Here’s what the Daily Oklahoman’s obit read

March 22, 1959 - October 28, 2011 MOORE Mark Lynn Barragar left this life to be with the Lord on Friday, October 28, 2011. He was born March 22, 1959 in Columbus, Kansas. He was the only child of Wallace and Loree Barragar. He graduated with the Capitol Hill High School Class of 1976. He spent most of his working life as a Master Control technician. Mark enjoyed a variety of pastimes, especially entertaining. Many people know Mark best by "Ranger Roger," the name he used when he hosted "Camp Kids Club" on KOKH (Channel 25) from 1991 to 1998. His most recent passion was as an Elvis "tribute artist" known as the "King-sized King." Mark married the love of his life, Yvonne, in 1981 and is the stepfather of Dru West of Chicago, IL; and Yevette O'Leary of Shawnee, OK; and is survived by them and his son-in-law, Michael O'Leary; and grandchildren, Turner, Kathryn, Ashlyn and J. Patrick. He was preceded in death by his parents, Wallace and Loree Barragar. A Memorial Service will be held at 11 a.m., Tuesday, November 1, 2011, at John M. Ireland Funeral Home Chapel, Moore, OK, under their direction.

I knew Mark since the 1990s.  He came to a ThunderCon in full Klingon regalia.  Believe me, you pay attention to a 6-foot-4 Klingon!

Mark had played the Frankenstein Monster on Count Gregore’s Sleepwalker’s Matinee on Channel 5.  In the 1990s he was “Ranger Roger” for Channel 25.  Later he became an Elvis tribute artist, “The King Size King.” 

in the 2000s, Joyce and I saw him perform as the King several times, once at Moore’s Yellow Rose Theatre, where we bought this CD.

In between, Mark had talked to me about having his own show as a horror host (probably based on Count Gregore and other hosts).  I wrote him a couple of scripts, and when Mark said his character would be Cyclopean, I suggested we name him Professor Eisingel (“Eye”+”single”, get it?)  Alas, nothing came of that.

You can find a few more tributes here:

As to his CD, here are the tracks:
1) 2001 / That's Alright Mama
2)  Hound Dog
3)  Treat Me Nice
4)  Love Me
5)  Follow That Dream
6)  Viva Las Vegas
7)  In the Ghetto
8)  Wonder of You
9)  American Trilogy
10)  I Can't Stop Loving You

And here is the link:

See you next week!