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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ray Martin and His Orchestra

This 1965 album is another compilation of covers themes.  If you're familiar with Teddy Randazzo's Girl from U.N.C.L.E. music, with a girl "doo"-ing and "la-la"-ing along in the background, then you'll easily recognize the style here.

In my opinion, I wish they'd turned that dang microphone OFF a few times.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. theme starts out very promisingly, emulating one of the first-season act-openers with the dissonant, blarring brass, but then soon reverts to a 1960s pop arrangement.

Still, it's fun.  Here are the tracks:
01 - Thunderball (from the film “Thunderball”)

02 - The Knack (from the film “The Knack”)
03 - Theme from “The F.B.I.”
04 - A Man Alone (from the film “The Ipcress File”)
05 - Theme from “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”
06 - Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (from the film “Thunderball”)
07 - Theme for “Honey West”
08 - I Spy (from the TV show “I Spy”)
09 - Theme from “Trials of O'Brien”
10 - The Young Set (from the film “The Young Set”)

And here is the link: 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Herbie Mann Is SUPER

... at least for six minutes or so.

Actually, the whole album is kind of cute.

Here are the tracks:
1 Superman 5:32

2 Etagui 5:13
3 Jisco Dazz 5:01
4 Rock Freak 6:08
5 Stomp Your Feet 4:23
6 Body Oil 5:32
7 Django 5:30

And here is the link:


Monday, July 25, 2011

Hawaiian classics for the Hula

I found this jewel -- where else -- but in a thrift store over the weekend.  Cheesy but fun.

It's a 10" EP.  If you do a search for Terna Hawaii -- the record label -- you'll come up pretty dry as far as finding a date.

Probably from before statehood?  And judging from the few comments I have found about this record, there may never have been a Volume 2.

Here are the tracks:

01  Lovely Hula Hands - Ray Kinney
02  Huki Lau - Mel Peterson
03  Blue Lei - Mel Peterson
04  The Cockeyed Mayor  - Andy Cummings
05 Hawaiian Hospitality  - Ray Kinney
06 Little Brown Gal - Bill Akamuhou
07 To You Sweetheart Aloha  - Ray Kinney
08 Hapa Haole Hula Gal  - Andy Cummings

And here is the link: 



Friday, July 22, 2011

MA-25 - Over Reaction

Another collection of atomic and/or nuclear-themed songs.

Here are the songs:
1 - Hydrogen Bomb Al Rex 1959

2 - The H-Bomb's Thunder John Brunner 1959

3 - Walking On The Ground Sheldon Allman 1960

4 - Standing on the Outside of Your Shelter Shel Silverstein 1962

5 - Doomsday The Shirelles 1964

6 - Atom Ant TV Theme 1965

7 - Testing the Bomb Shel Silverstein 1965

8 - Who's Next Tom Lehrer 1965

9 - Apeman The Kinks 1970

10 - We Got the Neutron Bomb The Weirdos 1976

11 - Bombers (Single Version) Gary Numan / Tubeway Army 1978

12 - Save The World George Harrison 1981

13 - Going Under Devo 1981

14 - It's a Mistake Men At Work 1983

15 - Armageddon Planet P Project 1983

16 - Distant Early Warning Rush 1984

17 - P.O.E Adam Ant 1985

18 - Common Ground Goanna 1985

19 - Lucky The Dead Milkmen 1985

20 - Put Down That Weapon Midnight Oil 1987

21 - Luftwaffe Flashlight Brown 2000

22 - Nuclear Blues Seismic Anomaly 2003

23 - Iranian Uranium Robert Lund 2006

24 - We're Gonna Drop the Atom Bomb Turbonegro 2007

25 - Atom Ant Theme Remix Cartoon Network Groovies 2008

26 - Nuclear Disaster The Fresh and Onlys 2009
And here is the link:


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting for Completists

Originally, the way I understand it, Georges Delerue was hired to compose the soundtrack to the Disney adaptation of Ray Bradbury's ultra-wonderful classic book Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Even though the movie ended up a mish-mashy oobe-del-goo, James Horner's score was really fun and creepy.

In between the original comissioning of Delerue and the film's release with Horner's music, evidently somebody LISTENED to what Delerue had produced, and nixed it.  Bravo, I say.

Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste, but Delerue's stuff here and elsewhere is, to me, monotonous, boring, and strident.

Judge for yourself!  And thank you to the poster of this music originally.

Here are what's on the disc:
Tracks 1-31: Score

Tracks 32-45: Source
Tracks 46-49: Alternate Cues
Tracks 50-56: Source/Outtakes

In my opinion (once again), the "source" cues, tracks 32-45, are more interesting than what the guy came up with.

Here is the link:


Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Love Doesn't Fade

...and that's my love for Western Swing.

You can see one of these Texas Playboys record covers up there at the top of the page, behind Spock's rear end.  Here they are, ripped from vinyl, as they say.

Here are the tracks:
Today (1977)

01 Bring It On Down to My House 3:07
02 Gambling Polka Dot Blues 2:23
03 Lily Dale 3:10
04 T-U-L-S-A Straight Ahead 2:20
05 Osage Stomp 3:00
06 You’re O.K. 2:27
07 Sugar Moon 2:44
08 Panhandle Rag 2:31
09 The Convict and the Rose 3:48
10 Party for the Old Folks 2:49
Live and Kickin’ (1978)
11 Big Ball’s in Cowtown 2:36
12 Oklahoma Twister 3:50
13 Texas Blues 3:08
14 Texas Fiddle 2:45
15 Faded Love 4:57
16 Fiddle Tune 2:02
17 Marie 3:50
18 Steel Guitar Rag 3:14
19 Your Sweet Love Keeps Me Homeward Bound 3:44
20 Dusty Skies 2:59
21 Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer 2:38

These are some of the articles that Mom had cut out and kept inside the LPs.

Here is the link:

Take it away, Leon!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Skip Martin's Scheherajazz

This is a fun and great arrangement of the Rimsky-Korsakov classic. 

Although the cover calls it "a symphony in jazz by the VIDEO ALL-STARS," you can also find listings for this record as having been performed by the 101 Strings.

Anyway, just when you think you're listening to a fine recording of the classical piece, all of a sudden A SWING BAND breaks in.

Wow, what fun!

1. Movement 1 8:41

2. Movement 2 7:57

3. Movement 3 8:23

4. Movement 4 7:09

Here is the link:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Galactic Hits, Baby! performed by the Odyssey Orchestra, that is.

Here are the out-of-this-world tracks:

01 - The Empire Strikes Back (Main Theme)

02 - Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)

03 - Yoda’s Theme

04 - Close Encounters (Main Theme)

05 - Star Wars

06 - 2001 (Main Theme)

07 - Cantina Band Theme (Star Wars)

08 - Star Trek (TV Theme)

09 - Superman (The Movie)

And here is the galactic link:

See ya out there!  

Monday, July 11, 2011


For the Bicentennial Celebration of the Fourth of July, 1976, Joyce and I went with my big brother to visit my sister Sue and her husband in Kansas City.  Several fun things happened there.

The most silly was when we went to see Silent Movie, Mel Brooks's latest opus.

If you have not seen this goofy thing, then you are missing out on a lot of slapstick, sight gags, and visual puns.

Part of what makes this movie so fun is the great soundtrack by John Morris.

Here are the tracks:
1) Silent Movie March

2) Sidewalk Oddities; Custom Suit and Acupuncture
3) Burt Reynolds' House
4) Engulf & Devour
5) The Wrong Dog Rag
6) Liza Minnelli and Knights in Armor
7) Coat Routine; Men's Room
8) Anne Bancroft; Rio Bomba Bossa Nova
9) New Flamencos; Jalousie
10) Marcel Marceau
11) Wheelchair Chase
12) Marty Feldman Two Step
13) Babalu
14) Hotel Sleez; Lord of Winos
15) Sneak Preview
16) Film Chase; Coke Machine War
17) Silent Movie March
And here is the link:


Friday, July 8, 2011

There's Something Going On ... Where?

This album is copyrighted 1982 by RCA.  It contains music from horror/SF films.

It's interesting in that I really don;t know why they decided to put some of those images on the cover.  I mean, there ain't no Dracula music here!

Here are the tracks:

01 - 2001 - Also Sprach Zarathustra

02 - Rosemary’s Baby - Lullaby

03 - Finale - William Tell Overture

04 - Main Theme - Jaws

05 - Bride of Frankenstein/Flash Gordon

06 - Main Title - Star Wars

07 - Excerpt - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

08 - Tubular Bells - The Exorcist

09 - March and Love Theme - Superman

10 - Experiment in Terror

11 - Selections - The Day the Earth Stood Still

12 - Theme - Psycho

And here is the link:
Another odd thing about this record is that the track list on the back of the LP sleeve is not printed on the cardboard sleeve.  NO, the track list is a STICKER. 

Enjoy this mishmash of music!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disco Dracula

Can you count the "do-do-do-doots"?  I think not.
This cover image reminds me of Eddie Money's video for "I Think I'm in Love," where he prowls through a mansion in a vampire getup, finally finding the defenseless girl, who puts the bite on HIM.

Of course, in this case, it looks as if both characters are FEMALE.  Of course, "Disco Carmilla" wouldn't have sold as many records.

Here are the tracks:

01. Baby Frankie Stein
02. Even Vampires Fall in Love
03. Soul Dracula
04. Sex Me
05. Blackmail
06. Dracula Goes Dreamy
07. Terror on the Dance Floor

And here is the link:

Get down with the Undead!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bring Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Extra-Terrestrials . . .

Howdy and happy Fourth of July!

The Now Sound Orchestra first came to my attention when at Skaggs Albertsons I came across, in their bin of records that was there as a one-time thing, an LP called Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture "featuring Ilia's Theme, A Star Beyond Time."  This is a follow-up.

This album is from a little later in their oeuvre.

There are vocals in Annie ("Tomorrow"), Rocky III ("Eye of the Tiger"), and Poltergeist "Carol Anne's Theme").

The rear cover is identical to the front.

Look the time spent on reproducing various film logo fonts for the LP cover.  If only they had used that time on rehearsals!

Here are the tracks:

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
2. Chariots Of Fire
3. Annie ("Tomorrow")
4. The Eye Of The Tiger (Rocky III)
5. Star Trek II
6. Poltergeist (“Carol Anne’s Theme”)

And here is the link:

At least, give it a listen before you do this:

Friday, July 1, 2011

This ...Is Creepy Music

After a long search, I was thrilled to find a full soundtrack for the wonderfully creepy Salem's Lot 1979 miniseries.

The only downside is some distortion in the louder segments, apparently due to the source material, which I believe was a cassette tape from the late composer's personal effects.

Now you too can relieve the creepy, pulsing music when Vampire Danny Glick is screeching his fingernails on Mark's window asking to be let in.  And lots of other flesh-chilling moments!

Another blog or site has mentioned their opinion that Sukman's use of the classical "Dies Irae" theme showed a lack of invention or originality.  Au contraire! -- in my opinion.  What Shakespeare said about Cleopatra, I say about the "Dies Irae" melody: 
     "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
     Her infinite variety. "

There are 48 tracks, the final few being bonus or promo tracks, like the five-second commercial-break "sting."  The last track is the closing credits music.  It begins with the same (first twenty seconds or so) version of the "Dies Irae" theme, but instead of modulating to a slower theme (as in the previous two cuts), it continues at full speed.  The source for this cut is the commercial release DVD.

Here are the tracks:
1 Ximico, Guatemala (0:24)
2 We Must Keep Going and Main Titles (2:10)
3 Two Years Earlier (1:28)
4 The Town and Antique Store (1:39)
5 Susan (0:44)
6 The Marsden House and Straker (1:01)
7 Good Evening (0:57)
8 Mike's Graveyard and Ben's Notes (0:45)
9 The Lake (1:06)
10 Straker Leaves the House (1:15)
11 Straker Anxious (1:05)
12 Straker Closes the Store (0:57)
13 Beer With Jason (5:51)
14 The Crate Moves (0:33)
15 Mark's Room (0:32)
16 That Thing Is Movin'!  (0:28)17 Straker and the Body Bag (1:49)
18 Shotgun (1:17)
19 Ralphie at Danny's Window (2:37)
20 Crockett Stinger and Finding the Dog (0:51)
21 Hospital Window (2:37)
22 Straker Delivers His Suits (1:03)
23 Ben at the Window (0:20)
24 Glick Funeral Begins (0:23)
25 Glick Funeral End (2:11)
26 The Grave Digger and the Grave (1:23)
27 Open the Window, Mark (3:06)
28 Jason in Bed (1:10)
29 Trouble at Jason's House (0:37)
30 Rocking Chair (0:41)
31 Jason's Heart Attack (1:31)
32 Jail Cell (0:20)
33 Barlow Visits the Petries (0:24)
34 The Priest and Barlow (1:48)
35 Marjorie Glick Rises and Staking Barlow (2:00)
36 Empty Town (3:35)
37 Susan Looks for Mark (2:08)
38 Norton's Demise and Straker's Death (1:34)
39 Barlow Disintegrates (0:35)
40 Marsden House Burns (0:49)
41 Two Years Later -They've Found Us (0:44)
42 Susan's Second Death and Full Moon (1:11)
43 Commercial Break Stinger (0:05)
44 The Marsden House (1:38)
45 Main Titles Alternate (Bonus) (1:33)
46 Unknown - End Part 1 (Bonus) (0:27)
47 Trailer Music (Bonus) (0:59)
48 Series End Credits (Bonus) (0:51)

The CD disc art is a screencap of the image I shared yesterday.  I'm repeating it here because you can never have too much of a skull-freakin'-moon:

If this music doesn't grab you with creepiness, I apologize for wasting your time.  Pardon me while chills run down my spine again!

Here is the link: