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Friday, July 8, 2011

There's Something Going On ... Where?

This album is copyrighted 1982 by RCA.  It contains music from horror/SF films.

It's interesting in that I really don;t know why they decided to put some of those images on the cover.  I mean, there ain't no Dracula music here!

Here are the tracks:

01 - 2001 - Also Sprach Zarathustra

02 - Rosemary’s Baby - Lullaby

03 - Finale - William Tell Overture

04 - Main Theme - Jaws

05 - Bride of Frankenstein/Flash Gordon

06 - Main Title - Star Wars

07 - Excerpt - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

08 - Tubular Bells - The Exorcist

09 - March and Love Theme - Superman

10 - Experiment in Terror

11 - Selections - The Day the Earth Stood Still

12 - Theme - Psycho

And here is the link:
Another odd thing about this record is that the track list on the back of the LP sleeve is not printed on the cardboard sleeve.  NO, the track list is a STICKER. 

Enjoy this mishmash of music!

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