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Friday, July 1, 2011

This ...Is Creepy Music

After a long search, I was thrilled to find a full soundtrack for the wonderfully creepy Salem's Lot 1979 miniseries.

The only downside is some distortion in the louder segments, apparently due to the source material, which I believe was a cassette tape from the late composer's personal effects.

Now you too can relieve the creepy, pulsing music when Vampire Danny Glick is screeching his fingernails on Mark's window asking to be let in.  And lots of other flesh-chilling moments!

Another blog or site has mentioned their opinion that Sukman's use of the classical "Dies Irae" theme showed a lack of invention or originality.  Au contraire! -- in my opinion.  What Shakespeare said about Cleopatra, I say about the "Dies Irae" melody: 
     "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
     Her infinite variety. "

There are 48 tracks, the final few being bonus or promo tracks, like the five-second commercial-break "sting."  The last track is the closing credits music.  It begins with the same (first twenty seconds or so) version of the "Dies Irae" theme, but instead of modulating to a slower theme (as in the previous two cuts), it continues at full speed.  The source for this cut is the commercial release DVD.

Here are the tracks:
1 Ximico, Guatemala (0:24)
2 We Must Keep Going and Main Titles (2:10)
3 Two Years Earlier (1:28)
4 The Town and Antique Store (1:39)
5 Susan (0:44)
6 The Marsden House and Straker (1:01)
7 Good Evening (0:57)
8 Mike's Graveyard and Ben's Notes (0:45)
9 The Lake (1:06)
10 Straker Leaves the House (1:15)
11 Straker Anxious (1:05)
12 Straker Closes the Store (0:57)
13 Beer With Jason (5:51)
14 The Crate Moves (0:33)
15 Mark's Room (0:32)
16 That Thing Is Movin'!  (0:28)17 Straker and the Body Bag (1:49)
18 Shotgun (1:17)
19 Ralphie at Danny's Window (2:37)
20 Crockett Stinger and Finding the Dog (0:51)
21 Hospital Window (2:37)
22 Straker Delivers His Suits (1:03)
23 Ben at the Window (0:20)
24 Glick Funeral Begins (0:23)
25 Glick Funeral End (2:11)
26 The Grave Digger and the Grave (1:23)
27 Open the Window, Mark (3:06)
28 Jason in Bed (1:10)
29 Trouble at Jason's House (0:37)
30 Rocking Chair (0:41)
31 Jason's Heart Attack (1:31)
32 Jail Cell (0:20)
33 Barlow Visits the Petries (0:24)
34 The Priest and Barlow (1:48)
35 Marjorie Glick Rises and Staking Barlow (2:00)
36 Empty Town (3:35)
37 Susan Looks for Mark (2:08)
38 Norton's Demise and Straker's Death (1:34)
39 Barlow Disintegrates (0:35)
40 Marsden House Burns (0:49)
41 Two Years Later -They've Found Us (0:44)
42 Susan's Second Death and Full Moon (1:11)
43 Commercial Break Stinger (0:05)
44 The Marsden House (1:38)
45 Main Titles Alternate (Bonus) (1:33)
46 Unknown - End Part 1 (Bonus) (0:27)
47 Trailer Music (Bonus) (0:59)
48 Series End Credits (Bonus) (0:51)

The CD disc art is a screencap of the image I shared yesterday.  I'm repeating it here because you can never have too much of a skull-freakin'-moon:

If this music doesn't grab you with creepiness, I apologize for wasting your time.  Pardon me while chills run down my spine again!

Here is the link:


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