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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Evil Twin of Monster Mash-Up

Another fun album of mash-ups which has become hard to find.

1. AberNStein - Halloween ist Krieg
2. Cheekyboy - Somebody's Sunglasses
3. Clivester - Blue Monday 4 American Witches
4. DJ Engineer - Vampire Nation
5. DJ Earlybird - Halloween Puppetz
6. Mr. Fab Dark Shadows ChaChaCha
7. RIAA - Caspar The Friendly Queen
8. BuG - Happy Devil
9. Voicedude - The Crazy Voices Inside My Head
10. The Who Boys - Pump The Pumpkin
11. DJ Schmolli - Undone Lullaby
12. Cheekyboy - Halloween Haunt Megamix

The Evil Twin of Monster Mash-Up

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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Bootlegged Salem's Lot Soundtrack

Did you happen to watch the TV miniseries Salem's Lot in 1979?  It was truly a haunted houseful of creepy fun.

One shining attribute was its soundtrack, composed by Harry Sukman.  It dwelt heavily upon the Dies Irae motif, that cheerful little tune which should immediately bring thoughts of dread and impending doom to all who hear it.

I don't know the source of the bootleg; as I recall, a cassette tape of the music was found in somebody's dresser drawer.

If you like this, I urge you vehemently to buy the sanctioned CD.  Or, you can buy it on LP.

I can tell you, however, that a couple of the tracks on this version aren't the same on the commercial release.

1     Ximico, Guatemala        (0:24)
2     We Must Keep Going and Main Titles       (2:10)
3     Two Years Earlier        (1:28)
4     The Town and Antique Store         (1:39)
5     Susan      (0:44)
6     The Marsden House and Straker   (1:01)
7     Good Evening         (0:57)
8     Mike's Graveyard and Ben's Notes       (0:45)
9     The Lake (1:06)
10   Straker Leaves the House (1:15)
11 Straker Anxious (1:05)
12 Straker Closes the Store (0:57)
13 Beer With Jason (5:51)
14 The Crate Moves (0:33)
15 Mark's Room (0:32)
16 That Thing Is Movin’! (0:28)
17 Straker and the Body Bag (1:49)
18 Shotgun (1:17)
19 Ralphie at Danny's Window (2:37)
20 Crockett Stinger and Finding the Dog (0:51)
21 Hospital Window (2:37)
22 Straker Delivers His Suits (1:03)
23 Ben at the Window (0:20)
24 Glick Funeral Begins (0:23)
25 Glick Funeral End (2:11)
26 The Grave Digger and the Grave (1:23)
27 Open the Window, Mark (3:06)
28 Jason in Bed (1:10)
29 Trouble at Jason's House (0:37)
30 Rocking Chair (0:41)
31 Jason's Heart Attack (1:31)
32 Jail Cell (0:20)
33 Barlow Visits the Petries (0:24)
34 The Priest and Barlow (1:48)
35 Marjorie Glick Rises and Staking Barlow (2:00)
36 Empty Town (3:35)
37 Susan Looks for Mark (2:08)
38 Norton's Demise and Straker's Death (1:34)
39 Barlow Disintegrates (0:35)
40 Marsden House Burns (0:49)
41 Two Years Later -They've Found Us (0:44)
42 Susan's Second Death and Full Moon (1:11)
43 Commercial Break Stinger (0:05)
44 The Marsden House (1:38)
45 Main Titles Alternate (Bonus) (1:33)
46 Unknown - End Part 1 (Bonus) (0:27)
47 Trailer Music (Bonus) (0:59)

Salem's Lot OST

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sounds to Haunt Your House

This 1992 K-Tel offering is another thrift-store reject (or treasure).

It's a fairly typical noise-and-bangs show, running about 40 minutes.

Sounds to Haunt Your House

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Madacy's Sounds of Halloween

Today's offering is a semi-low-rent sound effects disc, another thrift-store reject (or treasure!).

It's one 74-minute track featuring, as promised, "Thunder Claps / Howling Wind / Rattling Chains / Freightening Groans And Moans / Eerie Organ / Blood Curdling Screams / Pulsating Heartbeats / Squeaking Doors / Creaking Floors - (with Sound Effects)"

Madacy - Sounds of Halloween

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