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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yee-Haw! MA-08 - Cowboy Songs

I invite you to join me in a celebration of true love, the great open pre-cluttered American wilds, and a fair helping of corny lyrics.

Since a few of these are recordings of radio shows or other semi-lo-fi media, there is some hiss or background noise present on some tracks.  Still, if you have half of the fun I have when playing these songs, you'll be satisfied, and maybe in love with your horse.

01. Back in the Saddle Again - Ray         Whitley & His Bar 6 Cowboys (2:40)
02. Song of the Sierra - Jimmy Wakely (3:00)
03. Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie - Jimmy Wakely with the Jud Conlan Singers and the Three Rays (2:41)
04. Blue Prairie - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (3:01)
05. Lone Star Trail - Ken Maynard (3:14)
06. Blue Shadows on the Trail - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (2:51)
07. Don't Go Near the Indians - Rex Allen (3:07)
08.  Empty Saddles - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (2:41)
09. Jingle Jangle Jingle - Tex Ritter (2:50)
10. Blue Bonnet Girl - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (3:05)
11. I'm an Old Cowhand - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (2:45)
12. Ghost Riders in the Sky - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (3:20)
13. Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Sons of the Pioneers (2:42)
14. Last Roundup - Gene Autry (3:21)
15. Cowboy Yodel - Wanda Jackson (1:59)
16. Home on the Range - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers (2:44)
17. High Noon - Tex Ritter (2:50)
18. Deep in the Heart of Texas - John "Dusty" King and His Range Busters (3:17)
19. Don't Fence Me In - Roy Rogers (2:52)
20. Banks of the Rio Grande - Eddie Dean (3:00)
21. Ragtime Cowboy Joe - Sons of the Pioneers (2:29)
22. I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart - Patsy Montana (2:40)
23. Happy Trails - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (3:01)

Go West!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Yamashta - Tempest excerpts

I haven't seen this film, everything about it looks pretty dumb.  General rule:  Pretentiousness is likely when any movie is called "[creator's name] + [name of work]."

But (most of) this soundtrack album is by the very talented composer Stomu Yamashta, whose 1984 work Sea and Sky is always tremendously emotionally moving to me.

1)  Tempest Fantasia
2)  Nature
3)  Tango
4)  Theme from Tempest
5)  Wind Words
6)  Epilogue

I was going to try and make a lame joke like "Tempest fugit" but ...

New link September 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Re-Post and Re-Do: MA-06 - Science-Fiction and Fantasy Music

Originally posted in August 2014, this is a final version of an old concept, the compilation tape.  I basically started over, keeping a few of my original edits, re-doing some, and finding new sources a few generations cleaner for some.

MA-06 - Science-Fiction and Fantasy Music
01. Star Wars Suite - John Williams (12:32)
02. Star Trek TV (edit) - Alexander Courage (1:33)
03. Twilight Zone The Movie Overture - Marius Constant & Jerry Goldsmith (5:55)
04. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Anything Goes - Cole Porter & John Williams (2:51)
05. Star Trek The Motion Picture (edit) - Jerry Goldsmith (3:27)
06. Doctor Who (1980-1985) - Ron Grainer (2:43)
07. The Prisoner - Ron Grainer (4:13)
08. The Wild, Wild West (2nd Season edit) - Richard Markowitz (1:39)
09. The Martian Chronicles - Stanley Myers (2:04)
10. Tales of the Gold Monkey (edit - Mike Post & Pete Carpenter (1:18)
11. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (edit) - Stu Phillips (1:12)
12. Star Trek II and III Suite - James Horner (15:56)
13. Scarecrow & Mrs King - Arthur B Rubinstein (1:13)
14. Alien End Titles - Howard Hanson (2:51)
15. Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Jerry Goldsmith & Gerald Fried (1:19)
16. Battlestar Galactica - Stu Phillips - Eric Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops (3:31)
17. The Greatest American Hero - Mike Post & Stephen Geyer (1:47)
18. The Day the Earth Stood Still - Bernard Herrmann (1:48)
19. Themes from ET - John Williams & Walter Murphy (3:47)

            The first “mass media melody” that I remember trying to play on our family’s old upright piano was the bass riff used for The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’s second season (Gerald Fried’s hip l 4/4 rearrangement of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme for bongos and flute).
            When gifted with a “cassette-corder” in the mid 1960s, I began holding that little condenser mike up to the TV speaker, recording this and that and whole Star Trek episodes.
            After marriage and a more settled life, I began having fun with the ol’ PAUSE button on my cassette deck.
            You see, once upon a tech-time, the PAUSE button for a cassette deck actually locked the physical parts, including holding the magnetic tape right up against the PLAY/RECORD heads.  A deft touch could stop and start a recording, sometimes nearly without detection, even if you were patching together different sounds into an aural Frankenstein creation.
            So along with collecting the themes for my favorite TVs and movies, I started playing with them too.
            By the early 1980s I had enough to fill a C-90 cassette.  This here beast is a CD recreation, with some edits left alone (you can tell by the tape/TV hiss) and some re-cobbled.  Some selections are of course as issued, just clumped together because I like the show!

Time Trippin'!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Disco Dat Way

If they weren't hits before now, then after this they certainly should be!

This record came out in from Pickwick in  1979, and according to the liner notes,

"Doctor Exx's band is get on down disco dynamite! Over thirty driving players plus laser hot synthesisers that take you on a non-stop trip. From Superman groovin' out of sight to spaced out goodies like Star Wars and 2001 Themes. The big heat of hits from the big screen. Let's get it on!"

01 - Theme From Superman  
02 - Panic On Planet "K"
03 - Theme From 2001 (Strauss - “Also Sprach Zarathustra”)
04 - Mountain Funk  (Grieg - “In the Hall of the Mountain King”)
05 - Theme From Star Wars
06 - Lois Gets on Down (Grieg - “Anitra’s Dance”)
07 - Theme From Close Encounters
08 - Metropolitan Heat (Mussorgsky - “The Great Gates of Kiev”

 Can you take the heat?


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quick, Henry, the Flit! - MA-26 - Break -Ins from Beyond

The title of this post is a joking reference to an ad campaign for Flit insecticide.  Did you know that Doctor Seuss did some ads for this product campaign, early in his career?

Anyway, the topic of today's compilation is invaders from space.  We're gonna need a bigger aerosol of Flit! (or fly-swatter).

Most of these records are formatted as break-ins.  Dickie Goodman was an early instigator.

Here's the list:

1 -    Marty on the Planet Mars Part 1   Martty  1954
2 -    Marty on the Planet Mars Part 2   Martty  1954
3 -    Santa and the Satellite Part 1  Buchanan and Goodman       1957
4 - Santa and the Satellite Part 2  Buchanan and Goodman 1957
5 - Destination Love Jan Davis 1958
6 - The Outer Space Looters Part 1 The Mad Martians 1958
7 - The Outer Space Looters Part 2 The Mad Martians 1958
8 - Flying Saucer the 3rd Buchanan and Goodman 1959
9 - Blast Off! Jimmie Haskell and His Orchestra 1959
10 - Comic Strip Rock N Roll   Robert Ashley 1959
11 - Space Ship Dickie Goodman 1960
12 - Santa and the Touchables Dickie Goodman 1961
13 - Moon Gas Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo 1963
14 - The Flying Saucer Chickenman 1966
15 - Luna Trip Dickie Goodman 1969
16 - London, London Ceatano Veloso 1971
17 - Spaceship Spontaneous Combustion 1973
18 - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft Klaatu 1976
19 - Hey ET Dicklie Goodman 1982
20 - The Martian Boogie Brownsville Station 1977
21 - The Ballad of William Robinson Bill Mumy 1997
22 - Return of the Flying Saucer Jon Goodman 1997
23 - I Took A Trip on a Gemini Spaceship David Bowie 2002
24 - UFO Darryl Rhoades 2005
25 - le flying saucer hat Chairlift 2008
26 - Flying Saucers Breakfast in Fur 2009

See you in orbit, Torbett!