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Monday, January 5, 2015

Startin' the Year Off with Bump ... and a Grind!

Tonight...A Funfilled Party Program From The Golden Age Of Burlesque Featuring The Pulsating Rhythms Of--"Bald" Bill And His Trocaderons...A Rollicking Show For The Pleasure Of All Who Enjoy The Gentle Art Of The Strip-Tease.

I came across the top album, Music to Strip By, in one of the neighborhood thrift stores and snapped it up.  It was so much fun that I had to track down the second one, too!

Music to Strip By is from 1966.  Music for a Strip Tease Party is from 1967.  They are a lot of fun, I think!  And, to my mind, that is the great selling point of burlesque (of which the strip is only a part).  It's an entertainment medium that's aware of life's silliness and isn't afraid of self-mockery.

Included is a PDF insert of the rear art, liner notes, & art.

Silly strut, silly thumpin' beat, silly to be so moved by fabric being draped and undraped!  But, acknowledge your human weaknesses and enjoy life!

Music to Strip By (1966)

01. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (3:48)
02. Bumps and Grinds (2:26)
03. Frankie and Johnnie (2:43)
04. G-String Twist (2:50)
05. Temptation (3:20)
06. Night Train (3:24)
07. The Stripper (1:41)
08. Party Time (2:54)
09. Bedroom Blues (5:05)
10. Second Honeymoon (2:10)
11. Girdles Aweigh (2:16)
12. My Heart Belongs to Daddy (2:38)

Music For A Strip Tease Party (1967)
13. I'm in the Mood for Love (3:47)

14. Stripper's Delight (3:01)
15. Erotic Fantasy (2:36)
16. C Cup Blues (3:00)
17. Vampin' and Campin' (4:03)
18. A Good Man Is Hard to Find (2:58)
19. Fascination (3:24)
20. Koochie Galore (3:56)
21. Cha Bump (3:46)
22. Makin' Whoopee (3:12)

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the little lady ...