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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Rag-Tag, Fugitive Fleet

This was an edited-together audio presentation of the pilot movie.  "Featuring the original cast"!

Memory escapes me as to whether Lorne Greene (Adama) was the narrator, with a separate script bridging the segments. 

Since this was dubbed from a commercial audio tape, there are only two tracks.

Hope you like it!  After all, this is THE ONLY REAL Battlestar Galactica.

A shing planet known as ... Earth.


  1. My hero! You can tell I'll love this from my Google profile icon, no doubt!

  2. A record like this only comes along once in a thousand yahrens! -- Mark

  3. You see children, before even Video tape, if you wanted to enjoy your favorite movie you bought the record. Battlestar, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, we would buy these and play them over and over again. It was the only way to enjoy the story at home. No, really!

  4. And sometimes we would buy the record-and-book combo. The record would give out a *BEEP* to tell you when to turn the page as you would read along with the story. -- Mark