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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today – Live and Kickin’

These albums are by The Texas Playboys, who carried on after Bob Wills' demise.

 Today came out in 1977.  Live & Kickin' came out in 1978.  You can see part of the cover of Live & Kickin' in my blog banner art. 

These are both albums that I first borrowed from Mom, and then "inherited."  It's hard to have more fun than listening to this kind of stuff!

Today (1977)
01     Bring It On Down to My House       3:07
02     Gambling Polka Dot Blues           2:23
03     Lily Dale        3:10
04     T-U-L-S-A Straight Ahead           2:20
05     Osage Stomp          3:00
06     You’re O.K.   2:27
07     Sugar Moon   2:44
08     Panhandle Rag       2:31
09     The Convict and the Rose           3:48
10     Party for the Old Folks           2:49

Live and Kickin’ (1978)
11 Big Ball’s in Cowtown 2:36
12 Oklahoma Twister 3:50
13 Texas Blues 3:08
14 Texas Fiddle 2:45
15 Faded Love 4:57
16 Fiddle Tune  2:02
17 Marie  3:50
18 Steel Guitar Rag  3:14
19 Your Sweet Love Keeps Me Homeward Bound  3:44
20 Dusty Skies  2:59
21 Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer  2:38

Kick back and have some fun!


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