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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Kynge's Musicke

PSST ... tell the Kynge that if he ever wants to hear his music again, he'll pay the ransom ...

This is, as advertised, "Instrumental Music of the Tudor Court from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I."  And like most such fine music from this era, it has enough familiarities to be easily understood and liked; yet it's different enough from "modern" melodic and chord progressions to catch our ear for something distinctive.  I like it!

Another great LP from ProMusica.

Early Tudor Dances and Fantasias
01 - Three Popular Dances (Anonymous)
La bounette
La doun cella
La chymyse
02 - Six Fantasias
Henry VIII:  Tanndernaken
Robert White:  In nomine
Thomas Tallis:  A point - Veni redemptor - Clarifica me pater
John Mundy: Tres partes in una
03 - William Cornysh:  Fantasia: Fa la sol
04 -  Master Newman:  Pavane
Anonymous:  Galliard
05 - William Byrd:  Fantasia

Elizabethan Popular Tunes and Consort Music
06 - William Byrd:  My Lord of Oxenford's March
John Dowland:  Frog Galliard
07 - Elway Bevin:  Browning
John Ward:  Arye
08 - William Byrd:  O Mistress Mine
09 - John Ward:  Fantasia
10 - Giles Farnaby:   Rosasolis
John Dowland:  Lachrymae Triste
11 - John Coperario:  Fantasi

Here's the deal . . .


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