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Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't Touch Your Tongue to the Pump Handle

That's what they say when it's REALLY cold, out here in Oklahoma.

In weather like this, a singing cowboy might be tempted to use his guitar for kindling.  But then how could you accompany yourself when it's time to sing around that campfire?

ANYWAY ... these songs are featured on this LP from Natural Geographic:

1)  The Brazos River [2:40]
2)  Jesse James [2:52]
3)  Get Along Little Dogies [2:09]
4)  Red River Valley [2:54]
5)  Hell In Texas [2:20]
6)  Dreary Black Hills [1:56]
7)  Down In The Valley [2:36]
8)  Windy Bill [2:16]
9)  Little Joe, The Wrangler [3:10]
10)  The Old Chisholm Trail [1:40]
11)  Billy The Kid [2:27]
12)  Trusty Lariat [2:41]
13)  Old Paint [2:08]
14)  Night-Herding Song [1:43]
15)  The Streets Of Laredo [2:06]

16) Zebra Dun [2:11]
17)  Hangman, Hangman [2:22]

And here's how to round it up.

See ya later, podnuhs.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

MA-11 - The A-Bomb B-List

So, let's say you're a compulsive collector of things, like songs with oddball outlooks.  What do you do when a topic comes to mind?  Why, package a bunch of 'em, sort 'em by year of release, and come up with a silly or sardonic title for the collection.

And, here you go ... MA-11 - The A-Bomb B-List:

1 -  Atomic Bomb Blues   Homer Harris       1946
2 -  Atomic Baby     Amos Wilburn     1950
3 -  Fujiyama Mama    Wanda Jackson       1957
4 -  God's Gonna Turn Us ToDust     Johnny Tyler  1960
5 - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Bob Dylan   1962
6 -  Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire 1965
7 - -So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III) Tom Lehrer 1965
8 - Electric Funeral Black Sabbath 1970
9 - Damnation Alley Hawkwind 1977
10 -Your Love Is Like Nuclear Waste Tuff Darts 1978
11 - Nuclear Attack Gary Moore 1980
12 -Fylingdale Flyer  Jethro Tull 1980
13 - Einstein A Go-Go Landscape 1981
14 -Manhattan Project   Rush 1985
15 -If the Bombs Fall Larry Norman 1986
16 -Christmas at Ground Zero Weird Al Yankovic 1986
17 - Watchin' Joey Glow Steve Goodman 1989
18 -Workin' at the Nuclear Power Plant Penny File 2002
19 -Radiation Song The Aquabats    2002
20 -Santa Came On A Nuclear Missile Heather  Noel 2003

Enter ...if you dare!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Military Music in America Vol 3

Here's another interesting thrift-store find.  The "record label" is the group The Company of Military Historians.  Here is my Amazon review:

      This LP is issued by a group called the Company of Military Historians and features band marches, bugle calls, and songs sung by the soldiers of the time, just as implied by the title.
      The only deficiency, I feel, is that the first three tracks on Side One, the "Band Marches," sound tinny, as if recorded at a distance while the band played outside. The rest of the tracks sound near and are well balanced. The bugle tracks which make up the rest of Side One are performed by a single bugler and are brief. You'll recognize some of these melodies from Dudley Do-Right cartoons or western TV or movies.
      The songs on Side Two are all performed by one man and a single guitar. The guy's voice is similar in tone to Roy Rogers' tenor.
      All in all, this is a fine listen for anybody interest in history in general, or the American West in particular.

Band Marches
01 - The Young Recruit
02 - Hail, Columbia
03 - Garryowen
Bugle Quicksteps
04 - Quicksteps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Bugle Calls
05 - Reveille - Stable Call
06 - Mess - Sick Call - Fatigue
07 - Assembly of the Trumpeters - Assembly of Guard Details - Officers’ Call
08 - Watering Call - Drill Call - First Sergeant’s Call - Recall
09 - School Call - Church Call - Fire Call
10 - Assembly - Adjutant’s Call - Boots and Saddles - To Arms
11 - Retreat - To the Colors
12 - Tattoo - Extinguish Lights

Vocal Selections
01 - Regular Army, O!
02 - Buffalo Soldiers
03 - Garryowen
04 - O’Reilly’s Gone to Hell
05 - Fiddler’s Green
06 - Old Arizona Again
07 - Revelry of the Dying
08 - The Girl I Left Behind Me

So, Charge!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Piano Rags

Here's another of my mom's LPs, titled Heliotrope Bouquet.  It's fun stuff!

1 A Ragtime Nightmare
2 The Easy Winners
3 Heliotrope Bouquet
4 Ethiopia Rag
5 Pegasus
6 Wall Street Rag
7 Pork and Beans
8 Graceful Ghost
9 Seabiscuits
10 Brass Knuckles

Now it's your turn.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL ... Electronic Music!

 On the back cover, this album is credited to "The Electrosoniks."  It was released with a different cover under the title Song Of The Second Moon: The Sonic Vibrations Of Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan in 1968.

But Electronic Music, the same album, was originally released in 1962 with this cover.

This music is fun and fascinating.  Especially since it's from the era of spliced tapes and wired circuits! There are eight tracks:

1)  Song of the Second Moon
2)  Moon Maid
3)  The Ray Makers
4)  The Visitor from Inner Space
5)  Sonik Re-Entry
6)  Orbit Aurora
7)  Twilight Ozone
8)  Pianoforte 

This is another secret pleasure from childhood ... Track 5, "Sonik Re-Entry," was grilled into my brain from early on.  KVOO, Channel 2 in Tulsa, used it as the title music for Fantastic Theatre, a late-Saturday-night monsters-and-SF-movie showcase.

Once a year or so, Fantastic Theatre would show King Dinosaur, a cheesy 1955 movie that I yearned for because it had DINOSAURS!  So, even though I was eight or so years old, Mom and Dad would allow me to stay up late to watch it.

This started me on a lifetime of bad habits, which culminated with Mazeppa Pompazoidi, Second City TV, and MadTV.

Whenever I hear "Sonik Re-Entry," I'm transported back in time to that mental or emotional age when life is an adventure and any good thing is possible!

WAIT A MINUTE -- that time is now!

Here's the music.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Diverting, High-Pitched Tone

Yup, that's what it is all right.  What it says right there.

It's a fun cassette of classical and folk-type music, containing:

01. The Irish Folk Fest (7:21)
Banish Misfortune - The Humors of Glyn - All in the Early Morning - Farewell to Music - Repeal of the Union

Béla Bartók - Sonatina
02. 01 - Bagpipers (1:45)
03. 02 - Bear Dance (1:17)
04. 03 - Finale (1:58)


Claude Debussy -
 Children’s Corner
05. 01 - Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum (2:33)
06. 02 - Jimbo's Lullaby (2:58)
07. 03 - Serenade for the Doll (2:19)
08. 04 - The Snow Is Dancing (2:27)
09. 05 - The Little Shepherd (2:34)
10. 06 - Golliwogg's Cake-walk (3:02)

11. Appalachian Suite (7:06)
Wayfaring Stranger - Harvest Home - Boys of Blue Hill - Five Step Waltz - Midnight on the Water - The Growling Old Man and Old Woman

12. Preston Stahly - Kestrel

Peruvian Suite
13. 01 - Baile (1:40)
14. 02 - Harawi (1:15)
15. 03 - Zas! (1:48)
16. 04 - Baile de los danzantes (0:36)
17. 05 - Ripusakme (1:46)
18. 06 - Pasnapitaci (1:04)

Hope you have fun!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Single Swingers!

No, these are definitely NOT the choral group organized by Ward Swingle.  No, these vocalists are assuredly not the singing group that's popular worldwide.

Those would be the Swingle Singers.

These guys?  They're the Single Swingers.

Totally different, right?

Anyway, with no inclination of how they swing, these are the selections:

1 - Prelude For Organ Choral No 1
2 - Aria (from Suite in D Major)
3 - Cannon
4 - Bourree (from English Suite No 2)
5 - Fugue In D Major (from The Well-Tempered Clavier)
6 - Sinfonia (from Partita No 2)
7 - Largo (from Harpsichord Concerto in F minor)

From a review on

Chin Music! Grave Swingle Singers, Single Swingers what! Rare CD Cover in the scat chorus of Bach's B-class masterpieces!

I love make-believe from WYNCOTE label, has released a lot of strange record. Technique is to mimic the chorus is like but could not.  In such scat "BOURREE", "FUGUE IN D MAJOR" and "PRELUDE FOR ORGAN CHORAL NO.1", all 7 tracks on this disc! This sense of class B, irresistibly best!

 How could I improve on that review?  Here 'tis.

 UPDATED LINK as of November 25, 2013: