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Monday, September 30, 2013

Havin' a Psychedelic Birthday!

...if by psychedelic you mean I get to walk a mile and a half, do sit-ups and push-ups, and have grandkids crawl on me.

This CD came in as a donation to our thrift store about ten years ago.  It never sold, so after being marked down and processed, it was up-for-grabs, as in "destined for the dumpster."  So I rescued it.

This is the cover art.  The physical disc was just a CD-R with "Psychedelic Sixties" written in Sharpie.  The back insert had the songs & artists written in ink.

As far as I can tell, THIS IS NOT AN "OFFICIAL" COMPILATION.  I've done several searches of permutations of the title "Psychedelic Sixties" and haven't come up with a match.

Whoever put this together had great musical taste for giving the listener a taste of madness, desire, and ... goofiness.

The current disc and rear CD insert art are my own.

1  99th Floor  Moving Sidewalks  2:13
2  I’ve Got Levitation  13th Floor Elevators   2:42
3  Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice  Mouse and the Traps   2:41
4  Eagle Never Hunts the Fly  The Music Machine   2:47
5  Double Yellow Line  The Music Machine   2:13
6  Frustration  The Painted Ship   2:55
7  When I Arrive  We the People…      2:59
8  Go Away  The Plague   1:58
9  Writing on the Wall  The 5 Canadians   2:21
10  Reverberation (Doubt)  13th Floor Elevators   2:48
11  No Good Woman  The Tree   2:44
12  She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)  13th Floor Elevators   3:00
13  Where You Gonna Go?  Unrelated Segments   2:51
14  Absolutely Positively  The Music Machine   2:15
15  Swami  William Penn 3   2:57
16  Trippin’ Out  Something Wild   2:13
17  Scarlet and Gold  13th Floor Elevators   5:00
18  Yesterday’s Hero  The Satyrs   2:38
19  Dr Doom  13th Floor Elevators  3:15
20  Smell of Incense  W.C.P.A.E.B.   5:52
21  Satisfaction Guaranteed  The Mourning Reign   2:19
22  Slip Inside This House  13th Floor Elevators   8:05
23  I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD)  The Fee-Fi-Four Plus Two   2:21
24  Spider and the Fly  The Monocles   2:07
25  Mother Nature/Father Earth  The Music Machine   2:14
26  I Need Love  The Time Stoppers   2:53

 Man, "the Psychedelic Sixties" sounds like a nightmarish place, but it's fun to listen to it for 80 minutes at a time!

Time to Trip!

(and yes this happens to be my natal anniversary)

UPDATED LINK as of November 25, 2013:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saddle Up, Podnah!

A collection of some of my favorite semi-authentic and sometimes smarmy out-west-type songs.

1) Back in the Saddle Again - Ray Whitley & His Bar 6 Cowboys
2) Song of the Sierras - Jimmy Wakely
3) Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie - Jimmy Wakely with the Jud Conlan Singers and the Three Rays
4) Blue Prairie - Roy Rogers
5) Lone Star Trail - Ken Maynard
6) Blue Shadows on the Trail - Roy Rogers
7) Don't Go Near the Indians - Rex Allen
8) Empty Saddles - Roy Rogers
9) Jingle Jangle Jingle - Tex Ritter
10) Blue Bonnet Girl - Roy Rogers
11) I'm an Old Cowhand - Roy Rogers
12) Ghost Riders in the Sky - Roy Rogers
13) Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Sons of the Pioneers
14) Last Roundup - Gene Autry
15) Cowboy Yodel - Wanda Jackson
16) Home on the Range - Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers
17) High Noon - Tex Ritter
18) Deep in the Heart of Texas - John "Dusty" King and His Range Busters
19) Don't Fence Me In - Roy Rogers
20) Banks of the Rio Grande - Eddie Dean
21) Ragtime Cowboy Joe - Sons of the Pioneers
22) I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart - Patsy Montana
23) Happy Trails - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Tune in and have a rip-roarin' weekend!

UPDATED LINK as of November 25, 2013:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Re-Post: The Silly Surfers, Weird-Ohs, and Other Scrum

One of the fun confluences of culture was in the 1960s when surfer-type music, a wacky artist-designer nicknamed "Big Daddy Roth," and some smart-alecky musicians got together to cash in on a craze.

This is a compilation of four LPs on two discs.

Also included are images of the back of the LPs whenever I had them, as PDFs that are measured so you can print & cut them for inserts to the CD case. 

The last LP, by "The Silly Surfers" and "The Weird-Ohs" -- each had one side of the LP -- had a lyrics sheet, so that is enclosed also.

The last LP enjoyed using sounds to imitate hair growing to open and close each side of the LP.  (it was supposedly released on "Hairy Records").

Here is a link to a nice guy's earlier post about this music and the wacky art of "Big Daddy" Roth.  Of course his music links are dead.

These are not!
Hot Rod Hootenanny - Rods n' Ratfinks - Disc 1

Hot Rod Hootenanny
01. Hot Rod Hootenanny (2:27)
02. The Fastest Shift Alive (1:51)
03. You Ain't Nothing but a Honda (2:01)
04. Mr Gasser (2:06)
05. Mad 'Vette (1:57)
06. Termites in My Woody (2:04)
07. Eefen' It Don't Go - Chrome It (2:16)
08. 1320 (2:33)
09. Weirdo Wiggle (2:03)
10. Dragnutz (1:58)
11. Chopped Nash (2:06)
12. My Coupe Eefen' Talks (2:05)

Rods n' Ratfinks
13. Three Kats in a Tub (2:10)
14. T J T (1:49)
15. Hey, Rat Fink (2:03)
16. 1947 Avanti (2:03)
17. Cherry-Top Charlie (2:25)
18. The Lonely Stocker (1:55)
19. Ballad Of Eefin Fink (2:38)
20. The Cool, Cool Rod (2:31)
21. Hearse With A Curse (2:31)
22. Waltz Of The Ratfinks (2:04)
23. Fink Rod, 409 (2:19)

Surfink - The Silly Surfers - The Weird-Ohs - Disc 2

01. Surfink (2:05)
02. Well, I'm Goin' (2:24)
03. Surfer Ghoul (2:24)
04. Doin' the Surfink (2:29)
05. Little Fink Surfs Again (1:52)
06. Ratfink High (2:13)
07. Phantom Surfer (2:11)
08. There's A Dog-Gone Ding In My Ding-Dong Board (2:06)
09. Big Bad Surfink (2:47)
10. Surfink Blues (2:41)
11. Finksville, USA (2:29)
The Silly Surfers
12. Gremmie Out of Control (2:10)
13. Hot Dogger Hangin' Ten (2:21)
14. Hodad Makin' the Scene with a Six Pack (2:09)
15. A Woodie on a Surfari (2:10)
16. Beach Bunnie Catchin' Rays (2:23)
17. Cowabunga! Surf's Up (2:18)

The Weird-Ohs
18. Huey's Hut Rod (2:43)
19. Daddy, the Swingin' Suburbanite (1:43)
20. Drag Hag (2:03)
21. Davy, the Psycho Cyclist (1:56)
22. Digger (2:10)
23. Endsville Eddie (2:07)

As my mom used to say, Dare to be silly!