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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Organic Music

This here is a 1962 LP, old-timey music.  If you were of a certain age and remembered patronizing silent movies, then this music should ring up some old memories.  These were some of the standard musical numbers played as accompaniment for various stock story points.

These are the tracks:
01 - The Perfect Song
02 - The Merry Widow Waltz
03 - Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time
04 - Old Ironsides
05 - Charmaine
06 - Little Mother
07 - Wonderful One
08 - Diane
09 - Angela Mia
10 - Estrellita
11 - Westward Ho!
12 - Marie
13 - Ramona
14 - The Big Chase

According to Discogs,  here is info for each track:

A1    The Perfect Song [Theme Song For Amos And Andy Radio Show Played Live By Carter][Was Played With 1914 Film "Birth Of Nations "][Motif Song For Lillian Gish]     1:58  

A2    The Merry Widow Waltz [Was Played With The 1925 M.G.M. Film "Merry Widow"]     2:01  

A3    Jeannie, I Dream Of Lilac Time [Was Played With The 1928 First National Pictures' World War I Romantic Drama, "Lilac Time"]     2:01  

A4    Old Ironsides [Theme Song For Radio Show "Calling All Cars"] [Was Played With Paramounts' 1928 Film "Old Ironsides"]     1:50  

A5    Charmaine [Was Played With The Film 1926 "What Price Glory"]     2:31  

A6    Little Mother [Was Played With The 1928 Film "Four Sons"]     2:55  

A7    Wonderful One [Was Played With The 1927 Associated Exhibitor Company's Film "The Skyrocket"]     2:15  

B1    Diane [Was Play With The 1927 Film "Seventh Heaven" Starring Janet Gaynor And Charles Farrell]     3:25  

B2    Angela Mia [Was Played With The 1928 Film "Street Angel" Starring Janet Gaynor And Charles Farrell]     2:42  

B3    Estrellita [Was Played With The 1927 Film "Loves Of Carmen" Starring Dolores Del Rio]     2:28  

B4    Westward Ho! [Was Played With The 1923 Film "Covered Wagon"]     1:33  

B5    Marie [Was Played With The 1928 Film "The Awakening" Starring Vilma Banky]     2:12  

B6    Ramona [Played With The 1928 Film "Romona" Starring Delores Del Rio]     2:53  
B7    The Big Chase [This Is The Classic Chase Music Used In All Silent Films]     1:40 

Give it a listen.

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