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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Top Sounds

Not jus recorded outdoors, but recorded OUT OF DOORS.  I guess when you're under a tent, you don't have doors, so you are out of them.

Hey! did you hear about the fire at the circus?

The heat was INTENSE!!!

(Get it? intense/in tents?)

Anyway, this record was recorded at that Gay 90s Village place.  Here are the songs:

01 - Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
02 - Pony Boy
03 - Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
04 - Pride of the Marines
05 - Tennessee Waltz
06 - Red Wing
07 - Washington Post
08 - Colonel Bogie
09 - Much to My Surprise
10 - Over the Waves
11 - The Eagle and the Lion
12 - When Again I Hold You
13 - The Thunderer
14 - The Battle of the Bird

I was amused and a little thrilled to recognize the melody of track 6, "Little Wing," from The Wizard of Oz.  You hear it at the beginning as Dorothy runs down the farm road and into the farmyard to tell everybody about the horrid Miss Gulch.

Anyway, broaden your horizons and travel back to a time when music like this was exotic and strange because traveling entertainment shows only came around a time or two a year.


See you Monday.