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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Psst ... "Mister Ragtime" Is an Alias!

Joe "Fingers" Carr was really a great piano player named Lou Busch.  You can also read about him here.
He died in 1979, before some of us youngsters had even heard of him.  But he produced some rollicking music!
On this 1955 record:
1) Sunflower Rag
2) The Old Piano Roll Blues
3) Entertainer's Rag
4) St. Louis Blues
5) Black and White Rag
6) Twelfth Street Rag
7) Spaghetti Rag
8) Alexander's Ragtime Band
9) Temptation Rag
10) Jelly Roll Blues
11) Maple Leaf Rag
12) Tiger Rag
So get out there and rag!
See you Monday.

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