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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Smattering of Strauss

Can you EVER have too many versions of the "Sunrise" section (that's the beginning) of Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra?  I thought not.

My second or so LP ever bought when my folks bought me a "real" stereo at Christmastime, 1968 was the OST of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  I played that sucker into scratchy oblivion.

It wasn't until a decade or two later, and the advent of the VCR, that I got to watch and re-watch the film.

Then another seeming eon or two until the proliferation of CDs and the internet.  And lo and behold, the version of "Also Sprach" 's opening, that I now knew by heart, that I heard in the movie itself, was NOT the version featured on the soundtrack album!  The album  Music Inspired by 2001, which was also labeled "Volume two," also repeated the performance from the first LP and not one present in the film.

As a sagacious grownup, I figure that the difference probably had to do with licensing fees or some other legal bothers.

Now, the Rhino Records 1996 CD release of the soundtrack was wonderful enough to include both the film version and the performance heard on the original OST album.  Yay!

In the meanwhile ... passing much time in thrift stores led me to the discovery of the "cover version" of a piece of music, especially themes from movies or TV.  So as I grazed, I came across other versions of the Richard Strauss music popularized in 2001.

And so, insane completest that I am, here we have a compilation of some of them!

1)  As heard in the film
2)  From the Telarc album “Time Warp”
3)  By the Now Sound Orchestra (1)
4)  From the Columbia album “Selections from 2001”
5)  From the Stage & Screen album “Space Movies”
6)  By the Doctor Exx Band
7)  By the Now Sound Orchestra (2)
8)  From the Laserlight album “Science Fiction Movie Themes”
9)  By the Wonderland Space Shuttle
10)  By Neil Norman
11)  From the soundtrack album “2010: The Year We Make Contact”
12) By the Ventures
13) From the soundtrack album “2001: A Space Odyssey” (but not heard in the film)

You can find it here.
UPDATED LINK as of November 25, 2013:

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  1. hi!
    congratulations on your great 2001 compilation!
    i'm a soundtrack collector and big fan of funky and obscure versions of the Strauss theme. still looking for versions of 'wonderland space shuttle', 'now sound orchestra' & 'odyssey orchestra' in high quality (lossless wav, flac or 320kbps mp3 format). can u get in touch with me for a trade? (
    El Topo