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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Now Sound Orchestra!

On April 8, 1980, I bought this LP.  Star Trek: Main Theme from the Motion Picture -- by the optimistically named "Now Sound Orchestra."  Of course, that was just a name pasted onto a group of studio musicians, I suppose.

Anyway, this LP was my "gateway" or "crossover" to the addiction of cover collecting.  Not the visual type of cover, but "cover versions" of favorite TV or movie themes.
This is the receipt of my purchase:

The $.40 cent item was probably a greeting card.  The $2.97 item is the record.

These are the tracks:

01. Theme from STAR TREK - The Motion Picture (4:05)
02. STAR TREK TV Theme (3:08)
03. Theme from STAR WARS - Part 1 (2:53)
04. Theme from 2001 - A SPACE ODYSSEY - Part 1 (3:58)
05. Theme from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Part 1 (3:25)
06. A STAR BEYOND TIME - Ilia's Theme (4:12)
07. Theme from STAR WARS - Part II (4:21)
08. Theme from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Part II (7:59)
09. Theme from 2001 - A SPACE ODYSSEY - Part II (4:09)

And here is the link.

And a big howdy to el Topo!

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  1. Y'know, Mark, that receipt would make its own dandy LP cover!

    See ya!