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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrate Life!

As a junior in high school in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, I was in our MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship).  At First Methodist Church in Bartlesville we put on several musicals, such as Lightshine, Godspell, and the like.

A few blocks away, First Baptist Church had its own youth and music department, of course.  It must have been some mutual friends at school that steered me to their preparations to put on a musical called Celebrate Life.

Turns out they could use me.  The show is narrated by the four Gospel writers, and I (of cource) ended up with Mark's lines.  I also played guitar in the second number, "Processional."

The company of about twenty to thirty (lots of chorus and some soloists) performed to an accompaniment tape.  This was in 1972-1973, and they used a reel-to-reel machine.

 After a few performances, we went on the road!  We hopped on a bus and went on a performance tour of several towns in the SE USA.  We would perform at a Baptist Church; the church members would very graciously put all of us teenagers up for the night in various homes; and we would trundle on to the next stop half a day away.  Of course there was an altar call at the end of every performance.

 I can't tell you where we went -- my memory books are in the attic -- but we ended up at Nashville's Opryland USA.  This was when it was still an amusement park!  Then we wended our way home.

A year or two ago I came across a double LP of  Celebrate Life! -- evidently from the publisher as a performance example I guess -- but like a doofus I didn't buy it.  Shame on me!  Still ...

I was thrilled, a month or two ago, to come across several YouTube channels featuring performances.  This musical, by Buryl Red and Ragan Courtney, is evidently still important to other people, too!

Through a series of investigations I came across somebody who has access to the album and is willing to share with you.

01. Prelude (Instrumental) (4:34)
02. Processional (1:55)
03. Dialogue (0:42)
04. The Truth Shall Make You Free (4:05)
05. Dialogue - Hail O Blessed One (3:46)
06. Dialogue (0:30)
07. Song of Mary (3:08)
08. There Is a Great Joy Coming (3:41)
09. Dialogue - Hello Baby (4:53)
10. Dialogue - The Three Kings (6:59)
11. After This He Went Journeying (0:30)
12. Dialogue (2:01)
13. I Quietly Turned to You (4:09)
14. Dialogue - After This He Went Journeying (1:08)
15. Dialogue - The Disciples' Prayer (2:35)
16. Dialogue (1:37)
17. In Remembrance (3:50)
18. Dialogue - Carry Him Gently (5:37)
19. Dialogue - He Is Alive - Easter Hymn (6:09)
20. He Is Alive (Reprise) (1:35)
21. Dialogue - Prayer for Peace (2:50)
22. Postlude (Instrumental) (2:02)

So, here is Celebrate Life!

One of my favorite songs of them all is the "Prayer for Peace,"  but "I Quietly Turned to You" is a heart-tugger, too.

You even have your choice of two variations for the CD packaging art.

So, find some Life and Celebrate it!


Monday, January 27, 2014

The Film Music of Hans J. Salter (1979 Double LP)

According to Discogs, "This limited edition album was produced in association with Salter Music Publishing Company. The selections are taken from the original acetate recordings in the composer's library and although filtered and equalized, the sound is below current high fidelity standards. The album is a custom product of Tony Thomas Productions, P.O. Box 1662, Burbank, California 91507."

Soundtrack has this page: -- however, the order of the tracks is ALL WRONG.

This was a 1979 2-LP set now broken down into two CDs.

The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942):
01. Main Title and Blowing Up the Castle (3:12)
02. Arrival at Vasario (4:42)
03. The Awakening Monster (2:56)
04. The Monster's Trial (1:51)
05. Troubled Love (1:43)
06. Frankenstein's Advice (3:58)
07. Monster Kidnaps Child (3:25)
08. Death of the Unholy Three and End Title (2:04)

Magnificent Doll (1946):
09. Main Title and Minuet (3:52)
10. Marriage Pact (1:06)
11. John's Love (3:22)
12. The Plague and I Love You (5:20)
13. Late Party (0:46)
14. Hurried Exit and Waiting Up (2:55)
15. President's Hostess (1:22)
16. Aaron's Army (1:38)
17. Verdict (3:04)
18. Aaron's Fate and End Title (1:24)
(There is a record skip about 2:06 in “The Plague and I Love You,” track 12 of disc 1.)

Bend of the River (1952):
01. Main Title (2:10)
02. Lynching Stopped (1:56)
03. Portland Arrival (2:04)
04. Swing Your Partner (1:09)
05. Up the River (2:32)
06. Fight for Supplies (2:48)
07. River Escape (1:13)
08. Men Can Change (1:57)
09. Cole Takes Over (1:37)
10. Glyn Takes Over  (2:17)
11. Miner's Fight/End Title (4:50)

Against All Flags (1952):
12. Main Title (1:59)
13. Woman Trouble (2:10)
14. Hiding the Princess (3:02)
15. Rescuing the Princess (1:49)
16. I Like It (2:08)
17. Come and Get Me (2:24)
18. The Tide Stakes (1:47)
19. Operation Boomerang (1:15)
20. Rescue (5:24)
21. End Title (0:36)

I am only familiar with the score of Ghost of Frankenstein. but it's exciting in that these are the actual recordings heard in the films.

To me, most of the music on Disc 2 (Bend of the River was written for westerns; Against All Flags was a pirate movie) sounds like it's a twin to the Ghost of Frankenstein music -- lots of marching brass, angry tympani, howling strings. Really pretty strong stuff!

I also put together an art file for CD packaging.  You can find it here.

Here's your chance for some rip-snortin' fun!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lovely, Sinister, Elegiac, Creepy

The original LP I bought at the OCU bookstore looked like this:

But I did my own cover art when dubbing.  I also added the 25th Caprice, also called the "Farewell Caprice."

1. Andante 1:46
 2. Moderato 2:09
3. Sostenuto 2:27
4. Maestoso 5:02
5. Agitato 2:12
6. Lento 4:31
7. Posato 2:53
8. Maestoso 2:27
9. Allegretto 2:22
10. Vivace 2:04
11. Andante 3:43
12. Allegro 2:25
13. Allegro 2:17
14. Moderato 1:48
15. Posato 2:16
16. Presto 1:22
17. Sostenuto 3:02
18. Corrente 2:15
19. Lento 2:24
20. Allegretto 3:54
21. Amoroso 2:56
22. Marcato 2:10
23. Posato 2:48
24. Tema con variazione 3:56
25. Caprice d'adieu: Allegro moderato 2:56

You've probably heard some of the stories about Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840).  His life was one of fame, dissipation, and showoffery.

I have heard one or two other performances of these devilish works for solo violin.  One was a different recording by Ricci, the performer here.  But none captures the delicious deviltry in composition and floridity  as this recording.

Listen with delight!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Please Help 'em Out!

They need some help!

If you are familiar with music sharing, surely you are familiar with Final Fantasy Shrine forums, where music fans discuss, reminisce, and (yes) share music.

They just had a warp engine failure (or something) and could use some money.  If you want to give, you can at the Forums page.

Thanks for reading!

War Is Hell -- I Mean, "War IN Hell" -- William Bolcom's Rowdy Tumult

I came across this LP at the OCU bookstore on a table stacked with stuff they could only market to clueless college kids.  I bought things like this, a couple of albums by Irish harpist/singer Mary O'Hara, Crumb's Makrokosmos; and other semi-outre stuff.

I've also added a few of Bolcom's piano rags to balance the program.

01 - War in Heaven
02 - The Caves of Orcus

03 - The Tabby Cat Walk
04 - The Eternal Feminine
05 - The Poltergeist (Rag Fantasy)
06 - The Serpent's Kiss
07 - Rag Infernal


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scores from The New Twilight Zone

This is a conglomeration from several sources including bootlegs, out-of-print releases, and such.

01 Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders - The Twilight Zone '85 Main Title (0:52)

Basil Poledouris - A Message from Charity
02-16 (12:00)

Basil Poledouris - Monsters !
17-28 (15:06)

Dennis McCarthy - Voices in the Earth
29. The Dead Earth (2:29)
30. Phantoms of the Earth (4:10)
31. Rebirth of the Earth (1:56)

Dennis McCarthy - A Road Less Traveled
32. The Family - The Nightmare Begins (2:02)
33. Welcome to the ’Nam (3:03)
34. Roads Not Taken (3:52)
35. The Return Home (1:30)
36. The Meld - Finale (2:06)

Dennis McCarthy - The Library
37. Opening - Snooping Around (3:31)
38. Wonderment (2:25)
39. The Power of God - Finale (3:35)

Dennis McCarthy - Quarantine
40. Rebirth of the Future (3:59)
41. Thoughts of a Lonely Man (3:08)
42. Betrayal and Guilt (3:03)
43. The Song of the Stars - Finale (1:45)

44. Grateful Dead & Merl Saunders - The Twilight Zone ’85 End Credits  (0:43)

The Grateful Dead
45. Twilight Zone ’85 Sessions 01 (1:02)
46. Twilight Zone ’85 Sessions 02 (1:17)
47. Twilight Zone ’85 Sessions 03 (0:49)
48. Twilight Zone ’85 Sessions 06 (1:08)
49. Twilight Zone ’85 Sessions 07 (0:30)
50. Twilight Zone ’85 Sessions 08 (1:42)

...and I hope you like it.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Harpical Music

Here's a dubbed cassette of hymns played on -- you guessed it! -- the harp.

01. Crown Him with Many Crowns / Medley (4:43)
02. Love Divine (3:36)
03. Our God Reigns (2:30)
04. He Touched Me (2:56)
05. Amazing Grace (3:05)
06. To God Be the Glory (3:10)
07. The Old Rugged Cross (4:11)
08. Sweet, Sweet Spirit (4:13)
09. The Lord's Prayer (3:00)
10. In the Garden (4:21)
11. El Shaddai (3:00)
12. How Great Thou Art (3:55)
13. Near My God to Thee / Medley (3:51)
14. I Need Thee Every Hour (2:56)

I have found another release of THE SAME ARRANGEMENTS under the name of Jill Thompson.

Take a listen.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

Favorites of the Roaring Twenties is a cassette I came across a few years ago.  I love listening to songs like this and rekindling my optimism that, if you hang on during tough times, eventually you will come through your troubles in one piece.  It doesn't always work out that way, I know, but even if your ship is sinking, why not smile with your last breath?  (Of course you should also pack a life preserver and stay away from icebergs!)

01. Fred Rich and His Orchestra - It All Depends on You (2:59)

02. Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (2:56)

03. Ben Bernie and His Orchestra  - Make Believe (2:27)

04. Harry Richman - Blue Skies (2:50)

05. Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - Ramona (3:13)

06. Don Voorhees and His Orchestra  - My Blue Heaven (3:22)

07. Abe Lyman’s California Orchestra - The Varsity Drag (2:43)

08. Eddie Walters - Makin’ Whoopee! (3:14)

09. Colonial Club Orchestra - You’re the Cream in My Coffee (3:16)

10. Regent Club Orchestra - Together (3:01)

11. Helen Kane - That’s My Weakness Now (3:37)

12. Ted Lewis and His Band - She’s Funny That Way (3:19)

13. Waring’s Pennsylvanians - Button Up Your Overcoat (3:00)

14. The Capitolians - You Were Meant for Me (2:40)

15. Franklyn Baur - With a Song in My Heart (3:01)

16. Fred Rich and His Orchestra - Singin’ in the Rain (3:16)

17. The Charleston Chasers - Ain’t Misbehavin’ (3:02)

18. Nick Lucas - Tip-Toe Thru’ the Tulips with Me (2:46)

19. Earl Burnett and His Orchestra - If I Had a Talking Picture of You (2:56)

20. Johnny Marvin - Happy Days Are Here Again (2:22)

So, Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!


Monday, January 6, 2014

The Hills Are Spookily Alive

This is cosmic music from a truly difference frame of mind.  Here's a review from

“Many new age harpists come from the Celtic tradition; spiritual harpist Georgia Kelly is classically trained and plays a concert pedal harp. The first half of The Sound of Spirit is a Kelly composition, a choral hymn with harp accompaniment, based on the Sanskrit text of the Rig Veda. The piece does not emulate Indian scales or music, but is lovely and spacious. Kelly's harp seems like rays of dewy light. Edward Cansino is the conductor of his I Cantori Chorale; soloists include soprano Diane Thomas, tenor Byron White, and baritone Kenneth Knight. The second half features a harp solo, "Morning Song," and "Dayana/Bird in Flight," with Joel Soultanian on viola and Peter Kent on violin. The two strings intertwine magically, like birds swirling around Kelly's airy harp. This last piece has the appealing meditative Kelly sound and spiritual tug.”

This is definitely NOT the kind of unrestricted noodling around on a synthesizer which often characterizes "New Age" music ... can I get a Raphael, anybody?

This was deeply thought out, and it certainly sounds deeply felt.  When you're listening to the vocals, you keep thinking that you SHOULD be able to make sense of the words, but of course you can't, they're in Sanskrit.

If you give it the time, you can follow this music to a quiet place inside you.  You may end up like Coleridge at the end of his poem "To William Wordsworth":

Absorbed, yet hanging still upon the sound—
And when I rose, I found myself in prayer.

Start listenin'!

PS I re-did the cover art.  The original is like this:
...and I didn't try to scan it.... Also included is a PDF insert with the album's liner notes and text/translations.

See ya!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bangin' That Tambourine

This music inhabits the happy imaginary "Gypsy land" also inhabited by Hollywood movies from the 1930s and 1940s.  Remember Ilonka's dance from House of Frankenstein?  Or the song from the Festival of the New Wine in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man?  These selections are their older cousins.
Read this sort-of bio from the rear of the LP cover:

I haven't been able to pin it down, but I believe that this record came from the late 1950s.

Here are the songs.  The translations aren't mine, but from the LP rear:

01. Mandulafa (The Almond Tree)  (3:32)
02. Alacsonyház (A      Little Gypsy House)  (2:56)
03. Feketehajadat       (Your Black Hair)  (3:20)
04. Szép Asszonynak Kurizalok (I Dance Attendance on Beautiful Ladies)  (2:43)
05. Darumadár (The Crane)  (3:41)
06. Badacsonyi Nyár Lákalatt (Under the Poplar Trees)  (3:29)
07. Akácos Ut (The Acacia Walk)  (3:06)
08. Hidegszobor (You Are So Indifferent)  (3:36)
09. Gyergyoninnen (Gypsy Dance)  (3:22)
10. Cigánytánc (Gypsy Dance)  (2:18)
11. Az Én Aj Kamról Már (My Dreams Have Forsaken Me) (4:46)
12. Szeretnélek A Rózsakertben Látni (I Want to See You Again in the Rose Garden)  (2:41)

Also included is an insert with the liner notes.

You may recognize melodies from Tracks 6, 7, and 8.  They were also used by Liszt, Brahms, or Dvořák in their own Hungarian Dance music.

Start Dancin'!