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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Film Music of Hans J. Salter (1979 Double LP)

According to Discogs, "This limited edition album was produced in association with Salter Music Publishing Company. The selections are taken from the original acetate recordings in the composer's library and although filtered and equalized, the sound is below current high fidelity standards. The album is a custom product of Tony Thomas Productions, P.O. Box 1662, Burbank, California 91507."

Soundtrack has this page: -- however, the order of the tracks is ALL WRONG.

This was a 1979 2-LP set now broken down into two CDs.

The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942):
01. Main Title and Blowing Up the Castle (3:12)
02. Arrival at Vasario (4:42)
03. The Awakening Monster (2:56)
04. The Monster's Trial (1:51)
05. Troubled Love (1:43)
06. Frankenstein's Advice (3:58)
07. Monster Kidnaps Child (3:25)
08. Death of the Unholy Three and End Title (2:04)

Magnificent Doll (1946):
09. Main Title and Minuet (3:52)
10. Marriage Pact (1:06)
11. John's Love (3:22)
12. The Plague and I Love You (5:20)
13. Late Party (0:46)
14. Hurried Exit and Waiting Up (2:55)
15. President's Hostess (1:22)
16. Aaron's Army (1:38)
17. Verdict (3:04)
18. Aaron's Fate and End Title (1:24)
(There is a record skip about 2:06 in “The Plague and I Love You,” track 12 of disc 1.)

Bend of the River (1952):
01. Main Title (2:10)
02. Lynching Stopped (1:56)
03. Portland Arrival (2:04)
04. Swing Your Partner (1:09)
05. Up the River (2:32)
06. Fight for Supplies (2:48)
07. River Escape (1:13)
08. Men Can Change (1:57)
09. Cole Takes Over (1:37)
10. Glyn Takes Over  (2:17)
11. Miner's Fight/End Title (4:50)

Against All Flags (1952):
12. Main Title (1:59)
13. Woman Trouble (2:10)
14. Hiding the Princess (3:02)
15. Rescuing the Princess (1:49)
16. I Like It (2:08)
17. Come and Get Me (2:24)
18. The Tide Stakes (1:47)
19. Operation Boomerang (1:15)
20. Rescue (5:24)
21. End Title (0:36)

I am only familiar with the score of Ghost of Frankenstein. but it's exciting in that these are the actual recordings heard in the films.

To me, most of the music on Disc 2 (Bend of the River was written for westerns; Against All Flags was a pirate movie) sounds like it's a twin to the Ghost of Frankenstein music -- lots of marching brass, angry tympani, howling strings. Really pretty strong stuff!

I also put together an art file for CD packaging.  You can find it here.

Here's your chance for some rip-snortin' fun!


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