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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Very Processed Experience of the West

I found this fine RCA LIVING STEREO LP at, where else? a thrift store.

This fun 1958 LP sounds like a reminiscence of the Old West assembled by reading pulp stories or hearing Grandpa talk about the OK Corral, and then deciding how to best present that to a six-year-old.  Or to an eighty-year-old.

That is to say, there are plenty of folks who will call the musical style of this record "cheesy."

To them, I retort, well, at least it's HONEST cheese with no fillers!  These are the tracks:

01. Home on the Range (3:14)
02. Wagon Wheels (2:37)
03. Riders in the Sky (3:20)
04. The Last Round-Up (2:42)
05. Colorado River (4:31)
06. Cool Water (1:53)
07. Red River Valley (3:17)
08. Empty Saddles (2:36)
09. San Francisco (1:54)
10. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (2:27)
11. The One-Armed Bandit (Nevada) (2:34)
12. Northwest Trail (3:22)

 I also included scans of the rear cover and an insert reproducing the liner notes.
By the way, one side of the record sleeve (that paper envelope that protected the LP surface from extraneous dirt) was a familiar-to-the-times display that featured other RCA artists.  But, being a nut for pop culture history, I had to scan and share the other side of the sleeve, which is happy to answer the question, "What is Stereo Sound?"
And here's your chance to travel Under Western Skies .

See you Monday.



  1. You've always got good, Rated G stuff, Mark.

    Very enjoyable, and thank you.

  2. Yippee-kay-yay, Motha' Cheeser! I'm digging the cheese--like a John Ford Fondue. Thank you!