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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Piano

By golly, that's what David Montgomery is playing, all right!

At the cusp of the digital age -- in 1977, to be exact -- this company, "Direkt to Disk," registered a trademark design.  Take a look at the top of the record jacket to see how it looked in practice.

Some time during the 1980s, I came across a copy of this LP, whether at a used record shop or thrift store I don't recall.  As with many LPs, I dubbed it onto cassette and ended up losing track of the vinyl.

Then CDs began to colonize my music collection, and the tape of The Piano went by the wayside.

I was happy to come across another copy in a north OKC thrift store a few months ago.  I know it's not my original copy because of a sound "tick" that was present in the first copy that's not there now.

Here are the selections:

1)  Waltz in E♭(“Frau Lieserl juhe!”) - Carl Maria von Weber
2)  Four Country Dances - Ludwig van Beethoven
3)  Five Waltzes from Opus 30 - Johannes Brahms
4)  Twelve Landler, Opus 171 - Franz Schubert
5)  Alt Wien - Leopold Godowsky
It's just a fun selection of music.  Some of the Beethoven will be familiar as the "Eroica" theme.
I've also included scans of the liner notes.
So, go! check out The Piano.
UPDATED LINK as of November 25, 2013:

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