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Monday, July 8, 2013

The King of Elfland's Daughter

...And Christopher Lee sings!  Sort of ...

Based in the 1924 fantasy novel by Lord Dunsany, this 1977 album includes various Brits, some unallied, some from Steeleye Span, and Mary Hopkin.  Oh, and of course Christopher Lee as the King of Elfland.

1. The Request (3.23)
2. Lirazel (4.11)
3. Witch (3.35)
4. Alveric's Journey Through Elfland (4.57)
5. The Rune of the Elf King (3.59)
6. The Coming of the Troll (1.53)
7. Just Another Day of Searching (5.09)
8. Too Much Magic (3.58)
9. Beyond the Fields We Know (4.29) 

You can call it a parable of people getting what they ask for and then not wanting it ... you can view it (at least the book) as an argument for how we dreary earthbound types really do have the best part of the deal (in comparison with the denizens of Elfland). 

Or you can simply think about it as something that happened long ago to folks we heard about once, in a fairy tale.

Either way, it's fun, with more good than bad.

New host ... let me know how it turns out.  Magic

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