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Monday, July 15, 2013

You May Recognize a Few Songs

This fascinatin' little LP is probably from around 1960.  Here are the songs:

01 - Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day
02 - I Found a Million Dollar Baby (in a Five and Ten Cent Store)
03 - At Your Command
04 - Now That You're Gone
05 - Dancing in the Dark
06 - Too Late
07 - Sweet and Lovely
08 - A Faded Summer Love
09 - Just One More Chance
10 - I'm Through With Love
11 - Out of Nowhere
12 - Good Night Sweetheart

The last track, "Goodnight Sweetheart," is dear to the memories of STAR TREK fans because you hear it played on the radio as Jim Kirk & Edith Keeler find romance in "The City on the Edge of Forever."  Episode composer Fred Steiner did a great job of weaving its melody into several other bits of the background score.

As a kid of the 1960s when Bing Crosby was just some old guy you saw singing on TV shows, it's rewarding to listen to these pieces and realize that he probably really WAS dreamy to those teen girls at the other end of the radio tubes.

Listen to Bing.