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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Domenico Scarlatti Sonati

From an old LP set, here's some music by 17th-18th century composer Domenico Scarlatti.

It's by turns perky, gloomy, draggy (in a ragtime/rhythmic sense), introspective, and ... many other thoughtful adjectives.

Some of it sounds like something Lurch would play on The Addams Family, while other pieces are reflective.

Tracks 1-19: Sonatas 1-19
Tracks 1-17: Sonatas 20-36

Disc 1

Disc 2

See you Monday!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Music from the Stars

I bought this cassette twenty or more years ago.  It sounds a lot like the work of Jonathan Serrie, and other planetarium-type "space music."  Mostly it's slow and dreamy.  Lots of room to think deep thoughts or drift away into the cosmos.

1)  Horizons Beyond Infinity   18:37
2)   Stardance  7:16
3)  Starjourney  6:34
4)  Gymnopedie  8:53



See you Thursday!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Frosty Moog for a Summer Day

This 1972 album came out to try and cash in on the craze begun by Walter Carlos in 1968 with his Switched-On Bach.

Emmanuel Chabrier: España 5:47
Ernesto Lecuona: Malagueña 3:05
Georges Bizet: Prelude to Act 1, Habanera,
and Introduction to Act 1 (Les Toréadors); all from “Carmen” 5:09
Maurice Ravel: Boléro 13:23

It's fun, if not as "natural"-sounding as later synth creations.

See You Monday.

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Original TV Themes - Re-Post


Kiddies, you can't get any manlier than this!

As to the cover art, it's copied from other places.  I cannot find the source pose for the Green Hornet's slugfest as shown here, but I DID immediately recognize the slightly a-kilter depictions of Tarzan and our friends from U.N.C.L.E.

Here's an ad for Aurora's model kit for the character, released to tie into the 1966-1968 NBC-TV show starring Ron Ely.  It is the obvious template for the center panel of the album art.

The right-hand panel's art was also cobbled together from model kit box art.  Notice how Solo is standing in an odd position?  He's kneeing some bad guy in the chin whilst one arm holds his gun and the other is held straight down at his side?

That's because in Aurora's model, Solo is leaping over a wall!  On the other hand, Illya's pose from the box looks more natural to the position he's drawn in, on the LP cover.

Here're views of the completed models.

And here are the breathless liner notes from the back of the album.  I leave it to various fanfic writers to continue with the image of these guys "all under one cover."

Of course, most of these selections are generic "filler" given relevant-sounding names.  For example, Track 2, "Britt Reid Revenge," is actually an arrangement of Debussy's "Claire de Lune."

01 - Green Hornet Theme
02 - Britt Reid Revenge (“Claire de Lune”)
03 - Kato's Warning
04 - The Black Beauty
05 - Theme From Tarzan
06 - Jungle Bongo
07 - Cheetah Do
08- Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
09- The Thrush Tune
10 - Illya's Walk

Text Box: The unbelievable has happened!  Wyncote Records has captured in this one fantastic recording the three most powerful beings in creation.

Just think of it. . . . The Green Hornet, Tarzan, and the Man from U.N.C.L.E., all under one cover.  The savage power of the jungle, the authority of the law, and the bravery and spirit of the Secret Service are all trapped under this cover.

This album is dynamite, please handle it with care … BOOOOOOOM ! ! !
Now you too can do the Illya Walk!

Here ... use the stick.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Re-Post: Not your Kid's Bunnies

This LP provides the fine and veddy British-sounding music from the 1978 movie.  Nearly all written by Angela Morley.  Includes the Art Garfunkel song "Bright Eyes."  Join me in laughing as this thin-voiced waif sings about "burning with fire," which sounds more scary than he can handle.

1.      Prologue and Main Title        5:43
2.     Venturing Forth       1:11
3.     Into the Mist      1:24
4.     Crossing the River and Onward       2:24
5.     Fiver’s Vision    2:08
6.     Through the Woods        2:49
7.     The Rat Fight     0:41
8.     Violet’s Gone     1:21
9.     Climbing The Down  1:41
10.  Bright Eyes and Interlude    3:06
11.   Bigwig’s Capture 3:06
12.  Kehaar’s Theme 2:48
13.  The Escape From Efrafa 4:00
14.  Hazel’s Plan 1:36
15.  Final Struggle and Triumph 3:08
16.  The End Titles    2:59
17.   Bright Eyes (single version) 4:00

Watership Down OST

See you Thursday.

Friday, July 8, 2016

"Chicago in the 1920s" Identified!

Thanks to friends Twigger and Mousenbeaver (who may or not be the same person), I can now give the correct name of this fine release of hand-clappin', hip-tuggin' music.

Chicago in the 1920s:  Jazz and Hot Dance Music was a 1977 LP released by the University of Michigan, featuring the Jazz Repertory Ensemble.  Yes, The performers were college kids!

In 1982 or 1983, the university ran an ad in its alumni magazine hawking the record:

PROVENANCE OF THIS RECORDING:  This LP was one of my mom's records, just like the LPs seen above, in the Record Round-Up header,  I borrowed it and made a cassette dub.  Later that cassette was dubbed to mp3.

Yes, in places you can hear record pops, and in places there's brief tape distortion.  But this music is so peppy, so cheerful, that I listen to it anyway.  I hope you too will give it a try.

01. Too Bad (2:54)
02. Henderson (4:31)
03. Tin Roof Blues (3:23)
04. Fireworks (3:07)
05. Jungle Blues (3:31)
06. Milenberg Joys (2:23)
07. The Chant (2:16)
08. Willie the Weeper (3:07)
09. Someday Sweetheart (5:45)
10. Chimes Blues (3:29)
11. Kansas City Stomp (2:14)
12. St Louis Blues (3:09)

Chicago in the 1920s

See you Monday!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Have a Ragtime Fourth of July!

This Capitol release is a rollicking fun time.

01. Sunflower Rag (1:55)
02. The Old Piano Roll Blues (2:14)
03. Entertainer's Rag (2:25)
04. St. Louis Blues (3:21)
05. Black and White Rag (2:12)
06. Twelfth Street Rag (2:14)
07. Spaghetti Rag (2:29)
08. Alexander's Ragtime Band  (2:08)
09. Temptation Rag (2:23)
10. Jelly Roll Blues (3:36)
11. Maple Leaf Rag (2:04)
12. Tiger Rag (1:43)

Start raggin' that Fourth!

See you Thursday.