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Monday, July 11, 2016

Re-Post: Not your Kid's Bunnies

This LP provides the fine and veddy British-sounding music from the 1978 movie.  Nearly all written by Angela Morley.  Includes the Art Garfunkel song "Bright Eyes."  Join me in laughing as this thin-voiced waif sings about "burning with fire," which sounds more scary than he can handle.

1.      Prologue and Main Title        5:43
2.     Venturing Forth       1:11
3.     Into the Mist      1:24
4.     Crossing the River and Onward       2:24
5.     Fiver’s Vision    2:08
6.     Through the Woods        2:49
7.     The Rat Fight     0:41
8.     Violet’s Gone     1:21
9.     Climbing The Down  1:41
10.  Bright Eyes and Interlude    3:06
11.   Bigwig’s Capture 3:06
12.  Kehaar’s Theme 2:48
13.  The Escape From Efrafa 4:00
14.  Hazel’s Plan 1:36
15.  Final Struggle and Triumph 3:08
16.  The End Titles    2:59
17.   Bright Eyes (single version) 4:00

Watership Down OST

See you Thursday.

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