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Monday, May 30, 2016

Voices and Gongs

Another couple of  Syntonic Research releases.

From 1976, "Intonation" is supposed to represent dozens or hundreds of monks chanting subverbal syllables.

From 1970, "Tintinnabulation" is computer-generated bell tones.  The original LP could be played at all four turntable speeds 16 2/3,  3301/3, 45, and 78rpms.

1)     Intonation     29:50
2)     Tintinnabulation    29:19

The cover art is my own.

Have fun thinking deep thoughts!

See you Thursdays.


  1. I don't mean to be a pest but would it be possible to upload this at the other speeds? That is if your copy is vinyl and your turntable has multiple speeds of course.

  2. Sorry, this LP has left my hands to journey out into the circle of thrift stores!