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Monday, May 2, 2016

Psalm 33:2, Times Two

In case you weren't up on your Biblical references, Psalm 33:2 begins, "Give thanks to the Lord with harps."

Here are two cassettes of instrumental Christian music I've picked up lately at thrift stores.

01. Trees of the Field (3:59)
02. He Touched Me (4:57)
03. I Cannot Tell (5:09)
04. Onward Christian Soldiers (2:12)
05. Amazing Grace (4:13)
06. Holy, Holy, Holy / Jesus Loves Me (6:05)
07. Victory in Jesus (2:53)
08. What a Friend We Have in Jesus (3:10)
09. Amen (2:44)

 Track 1 contains a slightly draggy section that is present no matter which machine the cassette is played on.  Sorry.

Also, you'll recognize Track 3 as a retitled "Danny Boy."

Buchanan Harp

01. Crown Him with Many Crowns / Medley (4:43)
02. Love Divine (3:36)
03. Our God Reigns (2:30)
04. He Touched Me (2:56)
05. Amazing Grace (3:05)
06. To God Be the Glory (3:10)
07. The Old Rugged Cross (4:11)
08. Sweet, Sweet Spirit (4:13)
09. The Lord s Prayer (3:00)
10. In the Garden (4:21)
11. El Shaddai (3:00)
12. How Great Thou Art (3:55)
13. Near My God to Thee / Medley (3:51)
14. I Need Thee Every Hour (2:56)

Wade Harp

Today's fare isn't edgy, but it might relax you and/or remind you that peace and hope still are available, no matter your chaotic present time.  For me, a little of this goes a long way, but usually I enjoy the trip, no matter how brief.

See you Thursday.

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