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Friday, March 8, 2013

Honeytree and Keeping a Promise

I bought this LP at the AMC around 1975.  AMC was an OKC version of a warehose store -- without any stupid membership nonsense.  It was nearly as big as a city block and carried all kinds of stuff, clothing and food and tools and musical instruments and records.

I think Nancy Henigbaum deliberately chose an unflattering cover photograph to show her devotion to the Lord and not try to sell the record based on a glamorous image.  The songs are pretty solid. I always liked "Resist the Devil," the first song on side two.

Joyce and I had our friend Susan Talley sing track two, "Treasures," at our wedding.  These are the lyrics, typed from memory.

(Nancy Henigbaum)
What does it mean to you when you find a friend who is true?
Do you count all your treasures less precious than this?
I know two people who do.
When you are blessed do you share?
Does someone know you care? 

What does it mean to you, the hands that the nails ran through?
Do you hold onto Jesus, and trust Him, my friend?
I know two people who do.
They do because they have found
He’ll never let them down. 

What does it mean to you? They say to each other “I do.”
Do you feel that their promise will live ’til they die?
I  know two people who do.
They know that Jesus will stay
Close to them every day.
Oh, what does it mean to you? You say to each other, “I do.”
Do you feel that your promise will live ’til you die?
I know in Jesus you do.

(BTW last month, we celebrated anniversary number thirty-five.)

These are the songs:
01 - Only God 2:43
02 - Treasures 2:56
03 - Sweet Rain 2:00
04 - Hallelujah, Outasight 1:42
05 - Job's Song 1:58
06 - Resist The Devil 3:47
07 - So Much Man 2:05
08 - Clean Before My Lord 3:00
09 - I Don't Have To Worry 2:36
10 - Honeytree 4:57

And here is the link:

I have a feeling that Nancy Henigbaum chose this performing name because"henigbaum," her last name, is two German words "honey" and "tree" put together.


  1. We were married in 1978. We had "Treasures" by Honetree sung @ our wedding. I still have album but no way to play it. I wanted to post it on FaceBook but haven't found it on YouTube. I'll look around some more. I found this review by you!

  2. We also had a friend perform this song at our wedding in 1983. Can't find it anywhere.

  3. Shoot me an email, Mr Unknown, and I will send you an active link!

  4. Treasures was sung at our wedding as my bride to be walked down the aisle. We've always loved the song. This was in 1975.

  5. I'll re-post this on Thursday December 10.

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  7. Hey mark! I have been trying to find a recording of this song! It was my parents wedding song an they wanted me to sing it at their anniversary (New Years day) but I haven't been able to source it to hear it. If u r able could u send me a copy? Would be amazing!!

  8. I would like a link to Treasures, sung at our wedding in March 1977.

  9. Please go to this later re-post of this album and another Honeytree LP: . Or email me and I can shoot you an mp3 of the song.

  10. Can you post a link to the song "Treasures"? I too had it sung at my wedding in 1975.