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Friday, September 6, 2013


The structured, lovely music always seems to be floating to me from a world next door.  A world that's a but removed from ours and less troubled, and where its passion is expressed in almost mathematical music that is also somehow uplifting.

This music is performed by "Pro Cantione Antiqua London":

01. Nicolas Gombert - Ave Regina (4:16)
02. Jacob Arcadelt - O pulcherrima mulierum (3:42)
03. Adrian Willaert - Ave Regina (3:10)
04. Jacobus Clemens non Papa - Ego flos campi (3:57)
05. Jacobus Clemens non Papa - Pastores loquebantur (4:37)
06. Adrian Willaert - In convertendo (4:25)
07. Cipriano de Rore - O altitude divitiarum (5:56)
08. Jacob Handl (Gallus) - Canite tuba in Sion (1:56)
09. Jacob Handl (Gallus) - Ave Maria (2:55)
10. Philippe de Monte - Ave Maria (2:56)
11. Philippe de Monte - O suavitas et dulcedo (5:15)

And here is the world it came from!

UPDATED LINK as of November 25, 2013:


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