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Monday, November 18, 2013

Military Music in America Vol 3

Here's another interesting thrift-store find.  The "record label" is the group The Company of Military Historians.  Here is my Amazon review:

      This LP is issued by a group called the Company of Military Historians and features band marches, bugle calls, and songs sung by the soldiers of the time, just as implied by the title.
      The only deficiency, I feel, is that the first three tracks on Side One, the "Band Marches," sound tinny, as if recorded at a distance while the band played outside. The rest of the tracks sound near and are well balanced. The bugle tracks which make up the rest of Side One are performed by a single bugler and are brief. You'll recognize some of these melodies from Dudley Do-Right cartoons or western TV or movies.
      The songs on Side Two are all performed by one man and a single guitar. The guy's voice is similar in tone to Roy Rogers' tenor.
      All in all, this is a fine listen for anybody interest in history in general, or the American West in particular.

Band Marches
01 - The Young Recruit
02 - Hail, Columbia
03 - Garryowen
Bugle Quicksteps
04 - Quicksteps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Bugle Calls
05 - Reveille - Stable Call
06 - Mess - Sick Call - Fatigue
07 - Assembly of the Trumpeters - Assembly of Guard Details - Officers’ Call
08 - Watering Call - Drill Call - First Sergeant’s Call - Recall
09 - School Call - Church Call - Fire Call
10 - Assembly - Adjutant’s Call - Boots and Saddles - To Arms
11 - Retreat - To the Colors
12 - Tattoo - Extinguish Lights

Vocal Selections
01 - Regular Army, O!
02 - Buffalo Soldiers
03 - Garryowen
04 - O’Reilly’s Gone to Hell
05 - Fiddler’s Green
06 - Old Arizona Again
07 - Revelry of the Dying
08 - The Girl I Left Behind Me

So, Charge!

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