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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Adventures of Robin Hood OST

Here's a very fine out-of-print score that will have you leaping and bounding around the living room and challenging people with your quarterstaff.  Or maybe buck-and-a-quarterstaff!

1.   Prologue (Main Title) (01:34)
2.   Banquet At Nottingham Castle (01:52)
3.   Robin Enters The Great Hall (00:56)
4.   Escape From The Castle (05:09)
5.   Robin Meets Little John (01:38)
6.   The Oath And The Black Arrow (01:54)
7.   Robin And Friar Tuck (01:24)
8.   Ambush In Sherwood (03:01)
9.   Feast In The Forest (02:52)
10.   Robin And Marian (03:09)
11.   The Archery Tournament (03:04)
12.   Escape From The Gallows (02:13)
13.   Love Scene (05:40)
14.   Dagger Fight: King Richard In Sherwood (02:07)
15.   Coronation Procession (03:05)
16.   Duel, Victory And Epilogue (03:22)

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