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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting for Completists

Originally, the way I understand it, Georges Delerue was hired to compose the soundtrack to the Disney adaptation of Ray Bradbury's ultra-wonderful classic book Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Even though the movie ended up a mish-mashy oobe-del-goo, James Horner's score was really fun and creepy.

In between the original comissioning of Delerue and the film's release with Horner's music, evidently somebody LISTENED to what Delerue had produced, and nixed it.  Bravo, I say.

Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste, but Delerue's stuff here and elsewhere is, to me, monotonous, boring, and strident.

Judge for yourself!  And thank you to the poster of this music originally.

Here are what's on the disc:
Tracks 1-31: Score

Tracks 32-45: Source
Tracks 46-49: Alternate Cues
Tracks 50-56: Source/Outtakes

In my opinion (once again), the "source" cues, tracks 32-45, are more interesting than what the guy came up with.

Here is the link:



  1. Look for it on Thursday, October 22, as part of SPOOKY SPOCK-TOBER.