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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disco Dracula

Can you count the "do-do-do-doots"?  I think not.
This cover image reminds me of Eddie Money's video for "I Think I'm in Love," where he prowls through a mansion in a vampire getup, finally finding the defenseless girl, who puts the bite on HIM.

Of course, in this case, it looks as if both characters are FEMALE.  Of course, "Disco Carmilla" wouldn't have sold as many records.

Here are the tracks:

01. Baby Frankie Stein
02. Even Vampires Fall in Love
03. Soul Dracula
04. Sex Me
05. Blackmail
06. Dracula Goes Dreamy
07. Terror on the Dance Floor

And here is the link:

Get down with the Undead!

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  1. You have some real gems here.
    Some stuff I really don't see why you posted.....but some real beauties as well.

    thanks for sharing them.