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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gipsy Band

Erno Kalli Kiss Jr is a big name in Gypsy Music, as far as I can tell.  This is another thrift store cassette treasure.  My heart always starts beating a little louder when I see a label and can't read it!  This means that adventure may await!

These are medleys of "Gipsy" tunes, I guess traditional Hungarian stuff.  What struck me, on listening, is that many of these selections sound to me like five-minute-long introductions that never "kick off" into an actual theme or melody!  It's kind of like a piano accompanist playing those glissando "vamps" but never getting around to the song.

Still, very interesting.  The track listings below are my transcriptions of the verr-rr-rry interesting titles from the cassette liner.  It seems to lose a lot without all the phonetic typesetting curlicues.  But you can see those on the CD insert back, where I've included the cassette label insert.

The Young Master Primas - Asztali Zene Es Czardasok


Artist: Erno Kallai Kiss jun. and His Gipsy Band

“Asztali Muzsika”

01 - Levelem, levelem - Mit keres a temetoben - De szeretnek en a regi kis falumba visszaterni

02 - Ne szidjadok soha engem - Kiballagok a vasuthoz - Azt mondjak a mennyorszagben

03- Ugye most mar tifeletek

04 - Leveles az erdo


05 - Lakodalom van a mi utcankban - Jon a tavasz, jon mar - Felrevagom a kalapom - Zold ablakos kicsi haz - Szeretem a cseresznyet - Koncert friss

06 - Hideg szel fuj, edesanyam - Hazam ereszere raszallott - Mikor kezdtem a ladamat pakolni - Orszaguton hosszu a jegenyesor - Koncert friss

07 - Ez a kislany most kezd nekem - Csak ugy mondom maganak - Libamaj, kacsamaj - Lore, lore - Hallod-e notas, futtyos kismadar

08 - Oreg czardas - Buzavirag, buzavirag - Paros elet a legszebb - Gyere velem kiskertembe

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