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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Musical Munsters - Imagine Playing Under a Rubber Mask!

Yes, it's the newest teen-age singing group!  Inspired by The Munsters!

That's right, the surprisingly funny, peppy, and genre-savvy tunes on this 1964 record were "inspired" by some marketing type to cash in on the TV show!  Cross-marketing at its finest -- that's the American way!

This Discogs page  gives somebody's uploaded images of the LP.  Here is a mention of this Pre-Fab Four (long before The Rutles) that I found in archives for Billboard magazine:

The CD art I've put together contains another period photo of the group "performing" in their outfits, including Ben Cooper full-head masks.

Here is the wild-n-crazy performance set:

1)  Munster Creep
2)  Frankenstein Had a Hot Rod Car
3)  $1.98 King-Size Voodoo Kit
4)  Vampire Vamp
5)  Hermans Place
6)  (Here Comes the) Munster Koach
7)  TV Monster Show
8)  Eerie Beach
9)  Make It Go Away
10)  You Created a Monster
11)  Ride the Midnight Special
12)  Down in the Basement

I think you'll agree that a half hour spent with this set is as much fun as you ever had watching the show!  I especially like "TV Monster Show."

Somebody tell me if this older link works.

See you Thursday!