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Monday, October 27, 2014

Robbie the Werewolf

Some fun, original songs from a 1960s set by a guy not afraid to let his fuzzy flag fly!

To quote somebody,

 Robbie had started off playing the bohemian coffee house scene of the late 50s and it was in this environment that he perfected his unique act, a combination of horror and comedy in a musical setting. Listening to the risque humour of his repertoire it is apparent that it was quite 'risque' for the times. Here we present two of his songs from the Live at the Waleback album. With nary a wolf howl in earshot, Robbie gives his best Bela Lugosi impersonation on both "Vampire Man" and "Count Dracula," although on other tracks he introduces the Rockin' Werewolf and invites us to Tip Toe Through the Wolfbane. Undoubtedly an incredibly weird record of the highest calibre. The sleeve notes contain a knowing quote from Robbie: "I'm a lousy guitarist but I have a hell of a lot of fun."

1       Vampire Man
2       Drums and Guns
3       My Little Brother
4       Frankie Stein
5       That Judge
6       Censored Man
7       Count Dracula
8       Lucifer
9       Streets of Transylvania
10     Rockin' Werewolf
11      Inside Story of Flamenco
12     Tip-toe Through the Wolfbane
13     Censored Dooley


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