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Monday, March 28, 2011

Stomu Yamashta - Tempest

The 1982 movie Tempest was a film I was never interested in.  When I saw the previews it looked like a dumb sex comedy.  The star John Cassavetes looked like one of those wrinkled old guys still trying to get a twenty-year-old girl.  The flash of lightning emerging from the finger on the poster looked, well, lame.

So I never saw the film.  Wasn't interested at all.

That lack of interest changed after I learned that some of the most beautiful music I had heard (on the radio show Music from the Hearts of Space) was from this soundtrack, and that it was composed by Stomu Yamashta, the guy who also composed the (to me) heartbreakingly beautiful Sea and Sky.

So, nerd that I am, I found a copy of the soundtrack LP for sale and bought it.  Well, some of the music was great, and some was not.  So I kept the parts I liked, dubbing them to CD, and then re-sold the LP so somebody else.

Here are the parts I liked.  The "Tango" is very traditional in the form, but I liked it too.  The last track, "Epilogue," is the piece I had originally heard on Hearts of Space.

1) Tempest Fantasia
2) Nature
3) Tango
4) Theme from Tempest
5) Wind Words
6) Epilogue

Here is the link:

Still couldn't care less about the movie.


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