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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sci Fi Music on the Laserlight Label

As many folks know, Laserlight is one of those companies that release mid-to-low-priced albums.  They're not like the companies who in the 1960s released "cover" albums of James Bond by a group of session musicians with a made-up "mod" group name.

The Laserlight products I am most familiar with is their classical line, with perfectly competent performances by some not-famous performers.

However, here we have a real tribute to obscurity.  We have some -- umm, interesting -- cuts here.  For instance, "Raumpatrouille Orion" is a theme from a German TV SF show that ran for seven episodes in 1966.

It's also fascinationg to have composer information, but no info as to who the performers are!  And what is a "G.S.O."?

And why is Carol Anne, the little girl from Poltergeist, front-and-center in the art when music from that film is not on the album?

Here are the tracks that ARE on the album:

01. Vangelis - Blade Runner
02. Richard Strauss - 2001 A Space Odyssey
03. Jerry Goldsmith – Alien
04. John Williams - Return of the Jedi
05. John Williams - Star Wars
06. John Williams – ET
07. Les Baxter - The Black Hole
08. Wagener  Lohmer - Silent Moon
09. K Doldinger - The Neverending Story
10. Stu Phillips - Battlestar Galactica
11. P Thomas - The Noah's Ark Principle
12. P Thomas - Raumpatrouille Orion
13. John Williams - The Time Tunnel
14. Marius Constant - The Twilight Zone
15. Alexander Courage - Star Trek
16. John Williams - Close Encounters of the Third Kind
17. Leith Stevens - War of the Worlds
18. John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark
19. Wagener  Lohmer – Frost

and here is the link:


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  1. I have this on CD. I noticed that some of the tracks were originally done by Neil Norman and His Cosmic Light Orchestra, like Star Trek and Twilight Zone, for instance. Hope you plan to add the track list soon!