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Monday, March 21, 2011

It Escaped from the 1980s

Yeah, there was a lot of uninspired music from the 1980s --oftemtimes by bands that turned from rock music to easy-listening mush (Chicago, anyone?)

But before I got too old, I found some music that I liked from that decade, and put it together here.  You'll note that the first track is MTV's "Man on the Moon."

And that's an indentifying characteristic of a lot of these songs.  You see, I am so old that I remember when MTV showed music videos.  And a lot of these songs, I remember the videos for them!

Go ahead, call me a codger.  Here are the tracks:
01. MTV Theme ''Man on the Moon''
02. Eddie Money - I Think I'm in Love
03 . Pat Benatar - We Belong
04. Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
05. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
06. Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
07. Julie Brown - The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun
08. The Pretenders - Message Of Love
09. The Vapors - Turning Japanese
10. Joey Scarbury - Theme From The Greatest American Hero
11. Electric Light Orchestra - Roll Over Beethoven
12. Fleetwood Mac - Hold Me
13. Eddie Money - Shakin
14. Scandals - I Am The Warrior
15. Missing Persons - Words
16. Pat Benatar - Shadows Of The Night
17. Toni Basil - Mickey
18. Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
19. Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
20. Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey

And here is the link:
Now all you shakin' warriors, get out there and shock the monkey with a message of love while walking like an egyptian, and tell Mickey that once in a lifetime you get addicted to love on a Mexican radio.

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