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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burning Like Fire

This is a great movie, really doing a great job of bringing Richard Adams's book to life.

My copy of the Watership Down soundtrack LP, like many of the records I've bought from secondhand or
thrift shops, is a promo record handed out by the record company.  It has one of those stickers at the bottom of the front cover listing the tracks.

Now, I did not know that in England Art Garfunkel had a minor hit with a single release of a rerecorded version of "Bright Eyes."  So I added that to the end of the tracks.

In my opinion, Garfunkel sounds just SILLY when he bites off the end of the word "fire" in the refrain.  He's trying to sounds intense and hot, you know, like fire.  But it's kind of hard to sound brooding and intense when you're singing in an echo chamber to boost your wavery little voice.

I hope you enjoy this.  In many ways, this music is so very BRITISH in its melodies and music construction, and that's a big part of its beauty, and how it complements the movie.

Here is the link: 

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