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Friday, March 25, 2011

Come on in, Joe! That's "Mr Ragtime" to YOU

This is fun music!  Very honky-tonky and raucous.  None o' that refinery heard in the Bolcom Heliotrope Bouquet album I listed earlier.

Nope, this is about FUN.  But, don't forget that, at least in THIS case, there's just as much artistry in these presentations, as in something more "refined."  It's like the trope of a refined-looking longhaired guy in a tuxedo taking the stage at Carnegie Hall in front of a bunch of stuffed shirts and ripping into "Turkey in the Straw" or a smokin' "Devil Went Down to Georgia."

Here are the tracks:
1) Sunflower Rag
2) The Old Piano Roll Blues
3) Entertainer's Rag
4) St. Louis Blues
5) Black and White Rag
6) Twelfth Street Rag
7) Spaghetti Rag
8) Alexander's Ragtime Band
9) Temptation Rag
10) Jelly Roll Blues
11) Maple Leaf Rag
12) Tiger Rag

Here is the link to this fun music:

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