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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Robbie the Werewolf

This album is a live performance from Robbie Robison in 1964.  Hewas a kind of monster-folk troubador; he later became a member of  a band called Clear Light.

Some of these songs are pure genius, and some are -- ehh.  Still, it's fun.

The songs are:
1       Vampire Man
2       Drums and Guns
3       My Little Brother
4       Frankie Stein
5       That Judge
6       Censored Man
7       Count Dracula
8       Lucifer
9 Streets of Transylvania
10 Rockin' Werewolf
11 Inside Story of Flamenco
12 Tip-toe Through the Wolfbane
13 Censored Dooley

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