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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The A-Bomb B-List

Inspired by the wonderfully eclectic soundtrack to the film The Atomic Cafe, I have put together a disc of 20 songs and one "hidden" track, all about things nuclear.  There's a lot of musical stuff out there, and this only scratches the surface.  Or maybe it only showers off the first layer of fallout.

However, my viewpoint is a little different from that of the anti-nuke crowd.  My feelings are mainly of thankfulness that the Cold War is over, and that we made it through.

It's kind of like the heart-drug commercial where the guy says, "I can't believe that as a kid I swung out over those rocks."

Call me naive, but when the Air Defense siren goes off at noon every Saturday (as a test of tornado warnings, NOWADAYS), I smile because that siren will never sound as a warning for incoming nuclear missiles.

Tornadoes , at least, don't leave residual radiation.

Here are the tracks, in chronological arrangement:
1 - Atomic Bomb Blues Homer Harris 1946
2 - Atomic Baby Amos Wilburn 1950
3 - Fujiyama Mama Wanda Jackson 1957
4 - God's Gonna Turn Us ToDust Johnny Tyler 1960
5 - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Bob Dylan 1962
6 - Eve of Destruction BarryMcGuire 1965
7 - So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III) Tom Lehrer 1965
8 - Electric Funeral Black Sabbath 1970
9 - Damnation Alley Hawkwind 1977
10 - Your Love Is Like Nuclear Waste Tuff Darts 1978
11 - Nuclear Attack Gary Moore 1980
12 - Fylingdale Flyer Jethro Tull 1980
13 - Einstein A Go-Go Landscape 1981
14 - Manhattan Project Rush 1985
15 - If the Bombs Fall Larry Norman 1986
16 - Christmas at Ground Zero Weird Al Yankovic 1986
17 - Watchin' Joey Glow Steve Goodman 1989
18 - Workin' at the Nuclear Power Plant Penny File 2002
19 - Radiation Song The Aquabats 2002
20 - Santa Came On A Nuclear Missile Heather Noel 2003

Here is the link:    The A-Bomb B-List

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