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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pulsating Big Band Sounds

Well, perhaps the pulse has worn off.  I dubbed this LP only last week, but now its performances have faded
into the mists of memory, and lost in the darkness and distance.

Personally, I think the whole giving female characters "suggestive" names like Pussy Galore is about the same as looking up words like "breast" in the dictionary for fun.  It's all right if you are nine, but come on!  Grow up, Fleming!

Oops, too late.  Here are the tracks:

1)  Goldfinger Theme
2)  Violence!
3)  From Russia With Love
4)  Blues for Dr No
5)  Pussy Galore Meets Bond
6)  James Bond Theme
7)  “M” Joins the Hunt
8)  A Gilded Corpse
9)  Warm and Deadly
10)  Death of Goldfinger

Here is the link:

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