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Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's Go Psychedelic!

One of the advantages at working at a thrift store was seeing all kinds of wild-n-crazy things.  Sometimes you could buy an item; sometimes when it got marked down too many times, it would get tossed, and you could have it.

That's what happened here, with somebody's home-grown CD Psychedelic 60s.  It had a home-printed CD front & rear insert, but inside was the ol' silver CD-R-with-a-sharpie-inscription.

But ya know, it's pretty fun!  Thank heaven that we can enjoy the wild music without having to go through the actual "psychedelic" experiences that may have inspired it.

Here is the tracklist:
1 99th Floor Moving Sidewalks 2:13
2 I've Got Levitation 13th Floor Elevators 2:42

3 Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice Mouse and the Traps 2:41
4 Eagle Never Hunts the Fly The Music Machine 2:47
5 Double Yellow Line The Music Machine 2:13
6 Frustration The Painted Ship 2:55
7 When I Arrive We the People ... 2:59
8 Go Away The Plague 1:58
9 Writing on the Wall The 5 Canadians 2:21
10 Reverberation (Doubt) 13th Floor Elevators 2:48
11 No Good Woman The Tree 2:44
12 She Lives (in a Time of Her Own) 13th Floor Elevators 3:00
13 Where You Gonna Go? Unrelated Segments 2:51
14 Absolutely Positively The Music Machine 2:15
15 Swami William Penn 3 2:57
16 Trippin' Out  Something Wild  2:13
17 Scarlet and Gold 13th Floor Elevators 5:00
18 Yesterday's Hero The Satyrs 2:38

19 Dr Doom 13th Floor Elevators 3:15
20 Smell of Incense W.C.P.A.E.B. 5:52
21 Satisfaction Guaranteed The Mourning Reign 2:19
22 Slip Inside This House 13th Floor Elevators 8:05
23 I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD) The Fee-Fi-Four Plus Two 2:21
24 Spider and the Fly The Monocles 2:07
25 Mother Nature/Father Earth The Music Machine 2:14
26 I Need Love The Time Stoppers 2:53

Also included is read CD insert, and a printable CD image, so you won't need a sharpie!

Here's the link:

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  1. I tried to click on the link, but all I got was an FBI anti-piracy warning.