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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Adventures of Superman!

A million years ago, STARLOG magazine happened to run a feature about the "library" music used in George Reeves' Adventures of Superman series ( and many other syndicated TV shows of that time).

I remember reading that some of the music used in Adventures of Superman had been written for various low-budget Western movies.
Along with having some background on the music, the article also gave the name & address of the company who was then selling cassettes of the music (for $20 a tape if I remember).

I bought two of these cassettes.  Wish I'd had the money to buy all of them, eight or so if I recall!  While some of the music is to be heard on the later commercial release of this music (which included the title music called "Superman March"), I relistened to my tapes and found about an hour's worth of music that, to my comparative ear as I played them back-and-forth, were NOT on that release.

So, needy for people to "really like me," I of course whipped up this package to share with everybody.

The "liner notes" in my CD were paraphrased from the cassette catalog the company sent me with my tapes.  However, I'll be shot if I can put my hand to those pages right now, though -- they're around here "somewhere."
Here is the tracklist.  These music titles are as provided by the "cassette company."
1) Mysterioso
2) Wax Museum
3) Build to Sting
4) The Getaway
5) Fight
6) Jump the Fence!
7) Deserted Village
8) Rip Through Fear
9) Face at the Window
10) Eerie Oboe
11) Flute to Finale
12) Night of Terror
13) Sad Romance
14) Airport
15) Slow Carousel
16) Blue Melody
17) World of Tomorrow
18) Menace
19) City Desk
20) Sword of Damocles
21) Cat Burglar
22) Atlantic Rollers
23) Solemn Moment
24) Scotland Yard
25) Danger Lurks
26) Prelude to Crime
27) Crime Doesn't Pay
28) Changing Moods 1
29) Changing Moods 2
30) Humorous In and Out
31) Chameleon Moods
32) Free for All
33) Hope Abandoned
34) Arctic Wastes

I received a wonderful, friendly note from a fine guy named Richard Noon, who came across this after I posted it on the Super Blog.  So, thanks to Richard for inspiring me to share this with you today.  If you like hearing this stirring stuff that wallpapered our childhood, let me know!

Here's the link:


  1. Correct. What part of "megaupload" in the link name clued you in? It will come around with an updated link soon.