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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

With All Our Love

That's the name of this 1973 album by a group called Children of the Day.

A year or two after that, Joyce or I bought the cassette.  Several songs are about marriage, because two of the group were married at the time.  Later, in the kind of development that makes Satan laugh, the wife divorced her husband and announced her homosexuality.  I understand she has a lucrative performing business in a small but wealthy number of Christian Homosexual schism of Protestant churches.

But in 1973, they had promised love to each other.

Here are the tracks:
01. Under the Shadow (Of My Wings)
02. If You'll Take My Hand
03. You're a Gift
04. Russ's Song
05. Two Lives, One Moment
06. Be Ye Still
07. Where Went the Days
08. Just Pretending
09. The Crucifixion
10. Can I Show You

And here is the link:

On a personal note, track 4, "Russ's Song," means a lot to me.  Because Joyce sang it to me at our wedding!  Also on a personal note, our promises still hold.

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